You will do it yourself! To be more than a ‘Pretty girls doing pretty things’ anime?

In a world where audiences are always in a hurry to anticipate the hero’s next big move or the next ultimate fight, shows about cute girls doing cute things always slow down, in a good way. These shows primarily focus on female characters, with the series following their day-to-day activities or particular hobbies along with their challenges and rewards.

Although the rhythm is mundane, there is always a series of the genre that turns out to be a success. show how no no biyori Y relaxed camping have dedicated fan bases, and the same is expected of Do it yourself!

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What makes you do it yourself! Different?character image do it yourself Serufu

The name of the show reveals the general plot. Do it yourself!! is an original anime series from Studio Pine Jam that will focus on schoolgirls completing DIY projects. It is the first time that the “pretty girls doing pretty things” genre will focus on DIY, as the audience has already enjoyed camping, school bands, motorcycling, badminton, and even mountain climbing.

What distinguishes this anime is that Do it yourself! is an original series and is not based on a pre-existing light novel or manga. So viewers would have to anticipate what happens next, and maybe that’s the biggest advantage it will establish. Do it yourself! aside from the rest of the shows.

What to expect from the main cast

Do it yourself! It will focus on six characters: Purin, Shii, Serufu, Jobko, Takumi, and Kurei. Six different girls with six different personalities, it will be interesting to see which of these characters will fit into the common tropes. According to the anime’s official website, the characters will be set in a story that will follow the first steps of these girls trying to open up to the future.

They will be making things with their own hands, coming up with plans and even failing. But they will never give up, and the gang will find themselves involved in a mixture of life, friendship and furniture. The voiceover cast has yet to be revealed, but fans have high hopes for all aspects of the show.

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Teaser Trailer and Possible Release Date

Studio Pine Jam has already revealed the first teaser image for the show, in which Serufu is eagerly building a project and Purin is taking care of her. Serufu has some Band-Aids on her body, which means she’s been doing this for a while or she’s just not good at DIY. As for the trailer, the audience gets to see glimpses of a workshop where the gang could meet for their projects and it also introduces the main characters in their day-to-day activities.

It looks like the anime will specifically focus on the DIY portion of the show instead of creating unnecessary drama or rift. Viewers who simply love a relaxing viewing experience may find the anime worth their time. Do it yourself! is currently airing on Tokyo TV and other channels.

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