You need to see the most realistic apocalypse movie of the century on Netflix ASAP

What would you do if the world ended? In most movies set during the apocalypse, the protagonist goes on an adventure to save the world or reconnect with a loved one. In reality, you probably stay home, eat as much ice cream as you can, rewatch your favorite TV show, and wait for the ending. So when a movie manages to capture the reality of living through the apocalypse, it’s incredibly refreshing. And when it also features the cast of some of your favorite TV shows, well, that’s even better.

Released in 2013 and streaming starting this Friday on Netflix, This is the end tells the story of a group of celebrities (played by themselves) who end up trapped in James Franco’s Hollywood mansion during the end of days. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s finally time to remedy that bug. And even if she’s seen it a dozen times, it’s worth revisiting. This is why.

the plot of This is the end it’s brutally simple. After Seth Rogen takes his friend Jay Baruchel to a fancy party in Los Angeles, the Rapture occurs, and all the good people on Earth levitate straight to heaven, leaving the sinners behind to repent or perish. Of course, none of the celebrities at Franco’s party are thrilled, and the crowd doesn’t even realize something is wrong until a giant sinkhole opens up on their front lawn.

In a particularly chaotic scene, major celebrities like Rihanna, Aziz Ansari and Michael Cera are sacrificed early on to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation. When the dust settles, an impressive team is left behind:

  • seth rogenweird and nerdy
  • James Francoweird and nerdy
  • Jay BaruchelUndeclared (Follow up from Judd Apatow to weird and nerdy)
  • craig robinsonThe office
  • danny mcbrideTo the east and down
  • jonah hill — the only one who didn’t get his start on TV, and who hilariously plays the character as a pretentious version of himself

the stars of This is the end reproduce improved versions of themselves.Photos of Colombia

This is the end it is far from underestimated. It has a healthy Rotten Tomatoes score of 80 percent and made back its $32 million budget in its opening weekend alone. But as many reviewers pointed out, it’s also pretty devoid of anything resembling a plot. Most of the movie is just the aforementioned guys stuck in a house together doing drugs and shooting zero budget. quick pineapple continuation.

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When they finally leave the house, the movie fast-forwards through some entertaining twists and turns before coming to a rushed ending. But in the end, none of that matters. of what you will remember This is the end it’s the joy of just watching this cast hang out and discuss chocolate bars and jerk off.

“It seemed like an idea that really resonated with people, for some weird reason,” said Rogen, who co-wrote and co-directed the film with Evan Goldberg. entertainment weekly in 2013. “Just the idea of ​​guys stuck in a house together if the world was ending.”

Michael Cera has a short but memorable role in the film.Photos of Colombia

Rogen and Goldberg also take the Rapture concept and expand it in new directions. Or, as Rogen puts it in that same interview: “We definitely messed it up a little bit.”

“No one accepts Jesus into their heart to be redeemed,” he said. “It’s more about self-redemption, which is not what Christians really believe in, for the most part…Movies are always about redemption, so when you find a mechanism that has that as one of the built-in triggers, it was really nice from a writing standpoint.”

Jonah Hill is possessed.Photos of Colombia

Yet, This is the end takes the apocalypse surprisingly seriously. The CGI is impressive and downright scary at times. For Rogen, this only adds to the comedy.

“As we got closer to the apocalypse, we found that the more seriously we treated it, the funnier the movie was. In a weird way, there was an equation that the less comically you treat some things, the more comically the whole movie resonates, you know?

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Ultimately, Rogen is right. This is the end it’s hilarious, in part because of how seriously it takes the apocalypse while treating its cast like one big joke. At the same time, it might be the most realistic movie about how we would behave if the world really did end. Because it wouldn’t be pretty, but in hindsight it would probably be pretty fun.

This is the end is streaming now on Netflix.

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