Will ‘She-Hulk’ Reveal Titania’s Powers Come From Doctor Doom?

Titania and Doctor Doom

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Warning: The following episode contains minor spoilers for she-hulk episode 3.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent across the MCU, it’s that never going for a comic book accurate story. She tends to change and twist it in ways that allow it to fit into the overall theme, and the same thing happened with She-Hulk’s debut in the MCU. The superhero’s origin story has been significantly altered in the Disney Plus series. But that doesn’t mean that the story will choose to alter how the main antagonist, i.e. Titania, got her powers from her. And yes she-hulk choose to be an authentic comic while adapting the What part of his powers, much more awaits us than an ending with Jennifer Walters fighting Titania, obsessed with herself.

Spoilers ahead.

So far, there’s barely anything we know about the MCU’s version of Titania. She has debuted as a social influencer, Mary MacPherran, with superhuman abilities on par with She-Hulk, who is now her number one enemy. In the first episode of the series, she is seen running away from her trial and in attempts to escape from her, she creates a large hole in the wall and throws a desk at the jury. But luckily, Jennifer becomes her superhuman persona and saves the day, dealing a heavy blow to the clearly selfish and ruthless Titania, who falls unconscious and is arrested.

Although we are now three episodes in, the series has not revealed how Titania got her superhuman abilities. Did she get a new batch of super-soldier serum, maybe she became a superhuman after being exposed to the Infinity Stones (when they existed in the current timeline), or maybe… the MCU will stick to how she got her powers in comics — via doctor doom.

Who is Doctor Doom and how did he transform Mary into Titania?

doctor doom
Image via Marvel Comics

In the Marvel comics, Mary is a short, skinny girl from Denver, Colorado who is often bullied by the popular students at her school. The only escape from her is her fantasies, one of which is getting revenge on whoever ever humiliated her by becoming a superhero.

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His dream finally comes true when his suburb is attacked by the alien Beyonder. This is when he comes face to face with the villainous Dr. Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom. He is the supreme leader of the Kingdom of Latveria (a fictional country in Europe) but, more importantly, he is a brilliant scientist and a powerful sorcerer.

When he meets Mary, he seeks to expand his army of supervillains and, upon her consent to experiment, uses advanced alien technology to transform her into her current persona. While she becomes like the Hulk and attains exceptional strength and agility, his ego and overconfidence, which were simmering below the surface, skyrocket to unimaginable levels.

How certain is Doctor Doom’s arrival in the MCU?

doctor doom
Image via Marvel Comics

While initially, Doctor Doom’s arrival in the MCU seemed like a pipe dream, lately the trajectory of Phase Four and beyond is giving strong indications that one of Marvel’s most exceptional and memorable villains is about to make his debut.

It all started with doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which talked extensively about raids, where two or more universes end up colliding and result in the total annihilation of one or all of the universes involved. In the 2015 crossover event, secret Wars, various incursions result in the collapse of the multiverse and what remains is Battleworld, the makeshift universe created by Doom made up of the joined remnants of many fractured realities ruled by said villain.

Breast ending with the mysterious Clea announcing how Strange has unleashed an incursion that not only foreshadows the catastrophic events that took place in secret warsbut it also hinted at the arrival of Doctor Doom himself.

The possibility was further teased when Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThe synopsis for Wakandan was revealed, teasing that the Wakandan force will have to come together “to protect their nation from the world powers that intervene in the wake of King T’Challa’s death.” In the Marvel comics, Doom is one of the Black Panthers’ biggest fans, but he also hates them to death. In fact, he’s the one who instigated Namor to attack Wakanda and, not coincidentally, the submarine is one of the threats Wakanda will be facing in the upcoming movie, and fans can’t help but hope that Doom does. also make an appearance, no matter how fleeting, as the ultimate mastermind.

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His imminent appearance received more support thanks to the announcement of films such as Fantastic four Y Avengers: Secret Wars which will begin and end Phase Six. But that’s years away if he doesn’t show up on black panther 2! Fortunately, there is already another opening for her perfect arrival, and that ray of hope is Titania. Although the MCU got rid of the comic book history of him, you can still stick to the origin of his super powers and reveal that he got his super powers thanks to Doom, or maybe he is the mysterious “boss” mentioned in the last episode of she-hulk by the wrecking crew?

It is very possible that she-hulk it could be the platform through which the cunning villain makes his MCU debut. Who knows, maybe the final episode’s post-credits scene will give us that long-awaited look at Doom. After all, the ultimate baddie, namely Thanos, who turned the MCU on its head, appeared in 2012’s mid-credits scene. the Avengers before properly publicizing its presence in 2018 Avengers: Infinity War.

The arrival of Doctor Doom means one thing: the Fantastic Four!

Image via Marvel Comics

If it comes to the MCU this soon, it will add much-needed fuel to fans’ hopes that they won’t have to wait for Phase Four and Phase Five to end to finally meet the Fantastic Four. Doom’s animosity with the Fantastic Four is one of the classic superhero vs. villain stories in the Marvel universe and by the time he debuts, we can expect Reed Richards and crew to be just around the corner.

Needless to say, the arrival or even fall of the evil Doctor Doom’s name will bring comfort to die-hard MCU fans who are still feeding the bad taste Reed left behind by being reduced to careless tapes by Wanda.

she-hulk airs weekly, Thursdays, on Disney Plus.

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