Will Netflix’s ‘Bioshock’ Adaptation Have a Good Ending or a Bad Ending?

BioShock Collection with Big Daddy and Little Sister

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Looks like it’s finally happening: a bioshock The film is currently in production on Netflix. We’ve been crying out for an adaptation of the original 2007 video game ever since the game was released. The game, which was developed by Irrational Games, saw the player immersed in the mysteries, horrors, and beauty contained in the underwater world of Rapture. bioshockThe setting and characters of have intricate and politically opposed histories and is widely considered one of the most innovative stories in video games.

bioshockThe story of was groundbreaking when it was released for many reasons, one of which is that the player could make a number of decisions in the game that could affect their ending. The player having agency in how the story is told was a big part of the game, and it will be interesting to see if or how they adapt that in the movie. Aside from deciding whether or not someone dies, or when, one of the choices you can make repeatedly throughout the original game leads to a different ending. Let’s break down both endings, what leads up to them, and how the movie might adapt the options available in the game.

It will be from Netflix bioshock follow the good or bad ending of the original game?

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The endings of the original bioshock it would change depending on how you interacted with the Little Sisters. The Little Sisters were girls who were turned into experiments by Frank Fontaine, Brigid Tenenbaum, and Yi Suchong, who used them to harvest ADAM from the Splicers’ bodies. Splicers are the main type of enemy in the game; they are triggered by ADAM and have become dependent on him, unlike the player who uses what he finds to safely navigate Rapture with the power of telekinesis and the ability to shoot fire and electric shocks from his hands.

The Little Sisters roamed the map, protected by men in big diving suits, called Big Daddy, equipped with a big drill and if you got close to one they would attack you. Every time you encountered a Little Sister in the game, you were given a choice. You can choose to harvest the Little Sister and get a higher amount of ADAM from the slug in her body, or you can spare them and let them go free. If you spared them, every few sisters would leave you a gift somewhere in the world and the gifts would contain less ADAM than the total amount you would get if you harvested them, along with some supplies.

Good ending of BioShock Jack and Little Sister
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The two endings were that the player, known as Jack, would rescue all the Little Sisters and get the good ending, or Jack would harvest even one of the Little Sisters and get the bad ending. In the good ending, Jack would adopt some of the Little Sisters after Dr. Tenenbaum had cured them at the end of the game, and they would live in peace on the surface after leaving Rapture.

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The bad ending is much darker, with Dr. Tenenbaum legitimately outraged at the decisions Jack made. Jack ends up collecting all the Little Sisters in the bad ending and ends up taking over Rapture after defeating the transformed Frank Fontaine. When a US Navy submarine comes to investigate Jack’s plane crash from the start of the game, Jack leads the splicers in an uprising, literally, and takes over the submarine, stealing the nuclear missiles from it. .

Bad End Submarines from BioShock
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So what ending will they end up using for the movie if it’s a direct adaptation of the original? bioshock? They will most likely adapt the good ending as it is a nice and neat happy ending for the characters involved. A bad ending would likely involve the innocent murder of children by its protagonist and that seems too dark for Netflix. They could always go with the bad ending, but it doesn’t seem like the move for either bioshock adaptation. It is also worth noting that while the bioshock The universe has elements of a multiverse, the downloadable content for the third game in the series, infinity bioshocks burial at seashows that the good ending is canon to that timeline.

An interesting but unlikely option is for Netflix to integrate the elections into the story of the film. After all, they released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch that allow you to make your own decisions to impact the way the story unfolded. If Netflix revised the approach for a bioshock film, it could certainly work. Though that could lead to more of a comparison between the upcoming movie and the original video game, which Netflix might not want. While they should try to adapt the game as closely as possible as it has such a phenomenal story, making it interactive would only highlight the inconsistencies between the two projects.

Little sister in 'BioShock'
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Ultimately, what they might choose to do is integrate both stories without having any interactive story. If they introduce the Little Sisters, the protagonist of the film will probably save them from the antagonist who is trying to harvest them or harm them in some way. Or the movie could even have the protagonist team up with the iconic Big Daddy to save them. It seems like a safer bet to tell the story this way if the viewer has no control over the events of the story. After all, tying the film neatly or turning the main character into an evil child killer might not be the best course of action, especially if a sequel is on the cards.

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After all, what ending do they decide to choose or how do they decide to adapt? bioshock it’s up to Netflix, director Francis Lawrence and writer Michael Green. Apart from the fact that we know the creative team involved in the project, we don’t know much else about it, including the accuracy of its adaptation. Netflix has been in the video game adaptation business for a while now, releasing Castlevania, The Wizard, and recently demonic residenteven with a assassin’s Creed series in progress. Let’s just hope your bioshock The movie ends up being one of the best.

from netflix bioshock is currently in a production state, with no release date announced as of yet.

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