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Florida may have a reputation as a retirement destination, home to Disney World and Universal Studios, and a spring break destination where the party never stops, but it’s not just for the old, the young and the vacationers. Would you like to live here and raise your family? We think you would! This is why.

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Property prices are not as high as you might have thought

Close to beaches and ocean views, you’ll find some pretty high property prices, but you may be surprised to find that real estate in Florida isn’t as expensive as you thought. Step away from the tourist traps a bit, go for a view of something other than the sea, and you’ll find properties here quite affordable. If you don’t mind living outside the city, it can even be a bargain.

A good variety of employment opportunities

Whether you’re in aerospace engineering, healthcare, business and finance, education, or enjoy giving people a good time through your work in the tourism industry, you’re more than likely to find employment opportunities here. And with so many professional people gathered here, all the industries that support them are also well represented. Unemployment is low, so you won’t face as much competition when trying to get that job. Could this be the place for you and your family to start over?

Excellent Educational Institutions

From public schools to prestigious universities, your children can enjoy the benefits that come with a great education. And, if you’re a teacher or professor, finding the right school to teach while enjoying Florida’s (mostly) laid-back lifestyle is also on the cards. In any case, you won’t have to sacrifice your children’s education if you move to Florida to live your dream.

First level medical care and attention for seniors

Thinking of aging gracefully in Florida? There are reasons so many retirees head to Florida, and it’s not just the sun! When it comes time for medical care, health therapies, or elder care, Florida is extremely well served. So if you want to move here with mom and dad in tow, you can be sure they’ll get the medical care they need while enjoying opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Fun for the young and young at heart

With your needs taken care of, you and your family will be able to have a lot of fun in your spare time. Many of the major tourist attractions offer discounts to locals, and if you move here, you fit that definition perfectly! Enjoy mingling with fun-seeking crowds or choose off-season dates to take in the sights that people from all over the world travel to see and experience. Do you need something more relaxed? Well, there’s always the beach, or if you live inland, some great nature trails and parks to enjoy.

Enthusiastic? What are you waiting for? Florida is ready to welcome you, your children and even your parents with everything you need to create the lifestyle you want. Why wait until retirement when you can move to Florida right now?

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