Which 5 teams did NFL free agent Odell Beckham Jr list as his potential landing spots?

Though he’s still recovering from a torn ACL suffered in the Rams’ Super Bowl victory last season, the free-agent WR hasn’t hesitated to court the market for a new team. Here’s a look at who he shortlisted.

Odell Beckham Jr. lists 5 teams he would play for

It’s now Week 5 in the NFL and free agent Odell Beckham Jr. still doesn’t have a team to play for. To be fair, the receiver has made it clear that he has no intention of signing for any team, until he is fully recovered from the torn anterior cruciate ligament, which he held during his former team’s Super Bowl victory over the Bengals earlier this year. Needless to say, that has done little to quell speculation around where it might end up.

Interestingly, the subject was brought up on Thursday, when former NFL player Marcus Spears suggested that Beckham should sign with the Cowboys. Beckham, however, was quick to say that Dallas was not in his travel plans. Following their back and forth, Beckham curiously asked Spears to guess which five teams she would like to play for. Spears complied by doing exactly that, at which point Beckham agreed that she had hit the nail on the head. In fact, Beckham would later take to Twitter where he posted the words “We agree.” As for which five teams were, the list, in no order of preference, included the Chiefs, Packers, Rams, Bills and Ravens.

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So what happens to OBJ now?

To be clear, there are really no surprises here. Beckham has never hidden the idea that he wants to play in a team that can fight for the title. When it comes specifically to the Rams, we know they’ve been doing everything they can to convince OBJ to come back. Frankly, the results they haven’t gotten in the first four weeks suggest they need him more than any of the other teams mentioned. If he goes to the Packers, it would be a case of second time charm. Let’s not forget that Green Bay was leading the pack for his signing before he finally signed with the Rams.

As for the remaining three, let’s be honest. If Beckham joined the bosses, Mahomes and company would become even more dangerous than they already are. The Bills might not be automatic contenders if he signed up, but rest assured, they would now have a potent two-pronged attack with Beckham playing alongside Stefon Diggs. Last but not least, we have the Ravens they clearly have a talented QB who needs decent targets. The signing of Andy Isabella recently is a direct attempt to address that, so it goes without saying that the addition of Beckham could only be a good thing. Ultimately, it will be November before Beckham returns to the field. With that, he has the luxury of time to make a decision, which will no doubt be affected by the fortunes of each team in the coming weeks. Look at this space.

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