When will The Midnight Club air on Netflix? Release date, plot and more about Mike Flanagan’s horror series

The Mike Flanagan Horror Show, the midnight clubIt will air on Netflix on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 3am ET.

The series is based on Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel of the same name and follows eight terminally ill teenagers in a hospice. Teenagers meet every night at midnight to exchange ghost stories.

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According to the synopsis for the Netflix show, the teens make a pact that the first person to die will give the others a sign “from beyond.”

Flanagan is known for his work in the horror genre, which includes shows like The Curse of Bly Manor, The Curse of Hill HouseY Midnight mass.

A still from the series (Image via IMDb)
A still from the series (Image via IMDb)

Read on to learn more about Flanagan’s upcoming Netflix series.

the midnight club: All you need to know

the midnight club will be released on Netflix on October 7, 2022. It will follow a group of terminally ill teenagers in Brightcliffe Manor hospice in the 1990s.

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One night, the teenagers make a pact that the first to die will communicate with the others from beyond the grave. However, after one of them dies, strange events begin to occur in their lives.

The trailer for the 10-episode series was released in September 2022. It featured teenager Ilonka Benson being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which thwarted her plans to go to Stanford University. She was later transferred to Brightcliffe Hospice, where she met other sick teenagers.

The series will star actors Igby Rigney, Matt Biedel, Annarah Cymone, Samantha Sloyan and Zach Gilford, who all appeared on Midnight mass. The series will also star Heather Langenkamp of the Nightmare on Elm Street Films.

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More information about the midnight club

The series is created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, who are fans of Pike’s work, which rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. Aside from the midnight club, Pike has written several other books, including Remember me, whisper of death Y Bewitched.

A still from the series (Image via IMDb)
A still from the series (Image via IMDb)

According to Netflix:

“Flanagan approached Pike with the idea of ​​adapting the midnight club. Pike, who serves as the show’s executive producer, read the early scripts and worked with Flanagan to choose the scary stories the club members would tell.”

Although the book provides the framework for the series, many of the stories its members tell come from other Pike novels. Their names are in the relevant episode titles: the wicked heart, kiss Me, Witch, See you later, road to nowhere Y the eternal enemy.

Flanagan, Fong and Pike are the show’s executive producers along with Trevor Macy and Julia Bicknell.

the midnight club It will premiere on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

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