When will season 4 of ‘In The Dark’ be on Netflix?

when will season 4 of in the dark be on netflix

In the Dark – Picture: The CW

In the dark has returned for its fourth (and sadly final) season on The CW in June 2022 and is headed to Netflix in the US in September 2022. Here’s when The CW season 4 In the dark It will be on Netflix.

Note: This is an ongoing article that will be updated as new information becomes available. It was first published in November 2021 and updated in August 2022.

As of April 2019, the drama series is executive produced by Ben Stiller and stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, a blind woman who helps the police find out who killed her friend. However, the plot has evolved from the first and second seasons.

The series is highly regarded among The CW’s current roster, scoring 7.5/10 and very much against the trend of what you’d expect from the network, so if you’ve written the show off because of where it came from, no.

The series aired every April for the first two seasons, but was pushed back for its third season opting for a summer release. Season 4 began its final 13-episode run on June 6, with the final episode set to air on September 5, 2022.

Filming for the fourth season did not begin until November 29, and ended in May 2022.

Where is it In the dark streaming on Netflix?

Only Netflix in the United States receives new seasons of In the dark.

The reason Netflix US is streaming the show is simply due to the fact that Netflix had a comprehensive production deal with The CW until mid-2019. In the dark released in early 2019, is part of this agreement.

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The deal will see the show come to Netflix in its entirety (that is, for the life of the show) and then stay on Netflix for five years before departing.

It’s unknown if more Netflix regions will pick up the show, it’s still unsold in most regions, so that’s a possibility.

When In the dark Will season 4 be on Netflix?

Now that we have the air date of the final episode, we can accurately predict when the show will be heading to Netflix. We predicted that In the dark season 4 will be on Netflix US between September and November 2022.

Thanks to the September 2022 release schedule announcements, we know that In the dark Season 4 is coming to Netflix in its entirety on September 13, 2022.

When In the dark leave netflix?

We will have a full article on this in the near future, but In the dark it should stay on Netflix 5 years after season 4 is added.

That means we won’t see the show exit until 2027.

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