‘When pop is the boss’: Pilot hilariously reacts to flying plane with dad | Trends

A video of a pilot hilariously showing how he feels while flying a plane with his father has left people laughing. Shared on Instagram, the video shows the duo sitting inside a booth while facing the camera.

Pilot Erik Lake posted the video on his Instagram page. “I definitely have to stay on my game when dad is boss! He was trying to make this funny, but he couldn’t keep his cool. You may have seen that look once or twice growing up,” he wrote while sharing the video.

Take a look at the video:

Since it was posted a few days ago, the video has racked up more than 12.5 million views and nearly a million likes. The post has also prompted people to share various comments. “Hey this is awesome man,” one Instagram user posted. “Now that’s funny! Watching your dad try to keep a straight face,” another said. “He’s not messing with Air-ound,” joked a third. “I love this, tell your dad I said ‘Hi’!” wrote a fourth.

In addition to the hilarious video, Lake also shared a post detailing how he is flying with his father after years. She also added her plans to take more flights with him before her father retires.

“After nearly three years, my dad and I were finally able to fly together again on our second plane on Delta! When I was first hired by the company almost 5 years ago, he was an instructor on the same plane (MD-88) that I was given as part of my initial training, so we flew together on my first trip! We got to fly more than ten trips together. Eventually the plane we were flying was retired and we moved to another plane for reasons of seniority. I went to the 737 and he to the Airbus 320/321. In the last two months, I went to training, finally switched to the Airbus, and last week was our first trip together again. My dad retires in a year and a half, so our plan is to take at least one trip a month together until he retires, and I’ll be with him on his last trip. He flew with me on my first flight, so I’ll be flying with him on my last! I’m not too sure if that’s ever been done on any airline, but either way it will be very special to us and our family. It’s rare to be able to fly with your father, so I will continue to cherish every moment we get to fly together!” Lake posted along with some pictures.

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The post also received tons of appreciative comments from people. Just like this individual who wrote: “I love this!! Amazing.” Many others also commented that what he is trying to do is amazing.

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