When is ‘Better Call Saul’ season 6 coming to Netflix?

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman

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Living abroad, I was already lucky enough to be able to stream the sixth and final season of Better call Saul through my Netflix account.

However, in the US, the show has only appeared on AMC and is streamed exclusively through their website and app with a valid TV provider login. There was also the option of choosing to get an AMC Plus pass or buy individual episodes from places like Amazon to watch as well, but unfortunately season six episodes have been disappearing from AMC so the entire season isn’t available for you to binge on. . or catch up. Season six, and the series as a whole, concluded with the jaw-dropping finale on August 15.

We know that some of the first episodes of the season have already disappeared from AMC Plus, while the 13the and the final episode will drop off the network on September 13. With the previous five seasons all streaming on Netflix currently, when will the sixth season of Better call Saul reach the transmission network?

Better call Saul on netflix

Because the show airs week-to-week on AMC, it hasn’t been simultaneously available on Netflix for its seven years. Usually after a season has concluded, there is a certain amount of time before Netflix picks up the show. However, worldwide, as mentioned in the introduction, Better call Saul It’s already on Netflix, so if you know how to watch it outside of the US (coughVPN!) then it’s all good, man.

However, for those who just want to watch it as simply as possible on Netflix, we sadly don’t have an actual release date announced by the show or Netflix just yet.

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However, since every other season is on Netflix, we can assume that it will surely arrive at some point. When? Let’s try to unravel that as best we can. Let’s start with the fifth season, for example.

It finished airing on AMC in April 2020, but the full season wasn’t on Netflix until two years later, arriving on Netflix in April of this year. And the sixth season of the show debuted on AMC on April 18, so the timing was very close. If we look at the predecessor of the prequel show, breaking badit took five months after its last episode aired for it to hit Netflix.

Season 6 premiere date

Let’s start from the end and work backwards.

As we mentioned earlier, season five was long overdue for Netflix after the final episode aired on AMC. However, that was intentional, so the fifth season was added to Netflix for fans to get drunk and catch up, or for newcomers to start from the beginning and complete the entire series before the premiere of the first episode. of the final season.

Moving into the fourth season, it concluded its final episode on October 8, 2018, and was available on Netflix starting February 9, 2020, about a year and a half later. But, it wasn’t a time mandate that prevented it from coming to Netflix, rather it was the same as season five debuting on Netflix to get people ready for season six. The release of the fourth season on Netflix was just a few days before the premiere of the fifth season.

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For the third season, its finale aired on June 19, 2017, and that season appeared on Netflix the last week of March 2018. If you’re following, that’s right: the third season arrived on Netflix just before the release of the fourth. season on AMC. However, this time it was with much anticipation, as the fourth season did not come out until August 6, 2018.

With all that said, we know there is no season seven of Better call Saul coming soon, so the release of season six on Netflix won’t necessarily follow the schedule as strictly.

We can also see that for Netflix, the fifth season debuted in April, the fourth season in February, and the third season in March. We’re going to guess here that Netflix will push to get the show onto their service a little faster this time around, as will breaking badso eager fans can go ahead and dive into it.

Although it’s not yet on Netflix’s official release schedule, it could just be a formality because the deal hasn’t been finalized yet. Conversely though, since they’ve already done this dance multiple times, it seems like both sides know when it’s going to happen, so the lack of it being on the 2022 schedule pushes it to 2023 for us. Our guess is that the sixth season of Better call Saul It’s coming to Netflix sometime in January next year, five months after its completion, and just in time for people to get past all that Christmas content.

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