WhatsApp’s latest campaign highlights built-in layers of protection

WhatsApp today released the second film, part of its ongoing privacy campaign in India, focusing on messaging privacy and WhatsApp’s layers of protection that come together to give users more control and privacy over their conversations.

The film follows the launch of WhatsApp’s global brand campaign in early August highlighting WhatsApp’s built-in layers of privacy protection added over the years and how multiple privacy features allow people to have meaningful conversations on WhatsApp. their most vulnerable moments.

Conceptualized by WhatsApp and directed by Jess Kohl, the film features Indian badminton star HS Prannoy, who was part of the team that made history by winning the Thomas Cup title in May this year. The film captures the essence of privacy and how the team’s WhatsApp group, cleverly named “It’s coming home,” provided them with a safe and private space where they could not only lay out their game plan, but also share their feelings in moments of doubt. The film highlights WhatsApp’s privacy controls, such as end-to-end encrypted video calls, privacy settings, such as hidden and last seen online presence, which promise users privacy and security to share their moments. most vulnerable and dreams that are larger than life, allowing them to live. your dreams in private until they are ready to be shared with the world.

Speaking of the campaign, Avinash Pant, Marketing Director of Meta India, said: “WhatsApp’s mission is to connect the world privately and this campaign highlights the many ways we champion privacy so users can feel free and safe. with your messages. Through this film we want to celebrate our national champions who brought home the coveted Thomas Cup and demonstrate how WhatsApp provided them with a safe space where they felt empowered to have private conversations even in vulnerable moments because they knew their messages were always protected and safe. , no matter where they are. We want to show people the closeness that is possible with WhatsApp’s built-in layers of protection without compromising the security of privacy and personal space to live out your dreams in private until you’re ready to share them with the world.”

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Commenting on the film, Prannoy said, “Being a part of the Thomas Cup team was an honor and I knew that in order to win the title as a team, we had to communicate as a team and go through those moments of difficulty, emotional vulnerability, self-doubt together. WhatsApp was that safe space for us where we could have conversations, strategize, and share our most private moments, thoughts, and ambitions, away from the public eye. confidence and zeal to make my dreams come true. In a country that loves cricket, my dream was to make people love badminton as much as I do and to inspire the next generation of players to believe in themselves and in the sport.”

Over the past month, WhatsApp has launched an integrated brand campaign, including innovative print, OOH and digital activations to raise awareness of the privacy features available on WhatsApp that provide users with multiple layers of protection when messaging.

WhatsApp’s built-in layers of protection and privacy controls include:

1. Quietly leave groups: Users will be able to leave a group privately without having to notify everyone.

two. Choose who can see when you’re online: For times when you want to keep your online presence private, WhatsApp introduces the ability to select who you can and can’t see when you’re online.

3. Block screenshots to view messages once: WhatsApp is enabling screenshot blocking for View Once messages for an extra layer of protection. This feature is currently being tested and will be rolled out to users soon.

Four. Default E2EE: WhatsApp always protects your personal conversations with end-to-end encryption by default (regardless of device) so that no one, not even WhatsApp, except your recipient, can see or hear your private personal conversations.

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5. Encrypted backups: WhatsApp offers the possibility to back up your chat history with end-to-end encryption so that it is safe and can only be accessed with a password or encryption key. No other messaging service on our scale provides this additional level of security for your messages.

6. Disappearing messages: WhatsApp disappearing messages offers peace of mind with the ability to set the duration of disappearing messages: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days so that users can send disappearing photos and videos after opening them.

7. Block and report: Users can choose to stop receiving messages and calls from certain contacts by blocking them and reporting them if they send problematic content or spam.

8. Two-Step Verification: For added protection, the 2-Step Verification feature gives users the option to set a unique six-digit PIN that can be used when registering their phone number with WhatsApp again. This optional feature adds another layer of security to your WhatsApp account.

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