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If you’re looking for new shows and movies to enjoy on Friday but don’t know what to watch, here are five titles for you to check out on Netflix, Zee5, and SunNXT:

5 Best Shows on Netflix, Zee5, and SunNXT

1. The OA – Netflix

A blind woman who had disappeared mysteriously returns home after seven years. The only difference is that now she can see. The woman obviously has no memory of what had happened and right now she just wants to know what really happened. That’s the beauty of this sci-fi thriller called the OAthat Netflix premiered very discreetly on the platform.

2. Kaagaz–Zee5

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A still from Kaagaz

Whenever someone like Pankaj Tripathi appears on screen, you will almost certainly be immersed in their performance and Kaagaz no different A comedy film about a small-town man who is accidentally declared dead on official papers. Bent on proving that he is alive again, the man is willing to go to any lengths. Kaagaz it’s wholesome, super fun, and the perfect concoction for a lazy afternoon.

3. Shoplifters – Netflix

This Japanese film about a group of people who choose to live as a family is all heart. While they may be so poor as to be virtually invisible, the group of people living under one roof and having to resort to peculiar ways to survive share a unique bond. The film is impressive, with images that make you feel as if you are seeing some people from a distance. A real pleasure to watch this movie on Netflix.

4. Anjaam Pathiraa – Sun NXT

Anjaam Pathira —which translates to Fifth Night— is a riveting crime thriller in which a criminologist works with the Kerala police to catch a serial killer. Police officers are being murdered one by one under the most mysterious of circumstances and pressure mounts on the investigation team to catch the serial killer. Can the team catch the perpetrator before another police officer is killed? Anjaam Pathira it stars Kunjacko Boban, Sreenath Basi, and Unnimaya Prasad in the lead roles.

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5. Behind His Eyes – Netflix

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behind his eyes

A psychological thriller on Netflix that had a lot of people talking about it during its release, behind his eyes is an erotic drama that follows a single mother who voluntarily enters a world of twisted games when she begins an affair with her boss, a former psychiatrist. At the same time, she also befriends his mysterious wife, and things obviously get complicated. behind his eyes stars Eve Hawson, who is also the leader of U2, Bono’s daughter.

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