What to stream now: Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV

From a British comedy-drama about four women in their twenties to darker comedies about murder and disappearance, here are the best new comedy TV shows to stream right now.

All I know about love TV shows
Based on Dolly Alderton’s memoir, “All I Know About Love” is now airing on Peacock.

All I know about love (Peacock)

Based on British author Dolly Alderton’s memoir, this charming BBC series now airs on Peacock. It follows the main character Maggie and her twenty-something roommates (Birdy, Amara and Nell) as they move into her first house in London together. When Maggie’s childhood best friend, Birdy, gets into a serious relationship, the two struggle with their friendship and what they mean to each other as adults.

All seven episodes are now airing.

resort tv shows
“The Resort” stars Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper as a married couple who find themselves embroiled in a mystery that took place 15 years ago.

The Resort (Peacock)

A new mystery comedy series (Peacock original), The station stars Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper as a married couple vacationing in the Yucatan. They soon discover that two college students disappeared in the town on vacation 15 years ago and they take it upon themselves to solve the mystery. The show also stars Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) as Violet’s father, one of the young adults who disappeared.

All eight episodes are now airing.

Bad Sisters Comedy TV Shows
“Bad Sisters” is a black comedy set in Ireland.

Bad Sisters (Apple TV+)

An Irish black comedy, this new Apple TV+ series was created by Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), who plays one of the five sisters living in Dublin. Based on the Flemish series Clan, the story follows the sudden death of one of the sister’s husbands, John Paul, who is called “The Prick” by the rest of the brothers. After his life insurers launch an investigation into his wrongful death (the claim is a hefty sum), the sisters must work together to make sure the truth about John Paul doesn’t come out (especially to his sister). Grace, who was married). to the).

New episodes air on Fridays.

Mo's Comedy TV Shows
“Mo” stars comedian Mo Amer as a Palestinian refugee who lives in Houston with his family.

Mo (Netflix)

Comedian Mohammed Amer stars in this new Netflix comedy about a Palestinian refugee and his family in Houston, Texas. After being fired from his job at a mobile store because he has no documents, Mo finds a new job selling fake watches and merchandising out of his car. He soon finds himself in trouble, as he also works to take care of his girlfriend Maria, her mother, and his brother, while trying to get asylum for US citizenship.

All eight episodes are currently airing.

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