What time will Buy My House air on Netflix? Release date, trailer and more scans

The new real estate series, buy my housewill air on Netflix on September 2, 2022. Viewers who are fans of shark tank and real estate series such as sunset sale you’ll want to keep an eye out for this show.

Hosted by E!’s Nina Parker night popthe six-episode series features homeowners from across the United States trying to sell their properties, on the spot, to one of four real estate moguls: Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, Corcoran Group CEO Pamela Liebman , NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland, and investment property mogul. Danisha Wrightster.

The official synopsis for the show reads:

“Incredible and unique homes are on the line as homeowners share candid backstories and engage in exciting negotiations with tycoons.”

Netflix Breakdown buy my house trailer

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In an exclusive trailer for buy my house Released by Netflix, host Nina Parker established the theme of the series by discussing America’s trillion dollar real estate industry. Speaking about the premise of the show, she revealed that the homeowners would have to come forward and explain why the four real estate tycoons should buy their homes.

“Real estate in the United States is a trillion-dollar industry. But even in an active market, not all houses sell. So four of the world’s biggest real estate moguls are cutting out the middlemen.”

The clip features four potential investors who can trade, resell or rent the houses they buy for a profit. This means sellers don’t have to spend months on the market waiting for someone to buy their home.

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the buy my house The trailer shows each of the investors talking about the potential of their respective companies. While Glenn Kelman opens up about his Refin company’s goal of “helping as many people as possible own the American dream,” Danisha Wrightster is cast as a “single mother who becomes a self-made millionaire, a deal at once.”

NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland revealed that he is looking to make more money and confessed:

“I’m a venture capitalist, a real estate investor. I’m also chasing your favorite quarterback on Sundays. Tell that boy to watch out.”

Power runner Pamela Liebman is perfect for the buy my house team, which started with major real estate firm Corcoran Group when she was 23 years old and has climbed the ladder to the top as president and CEO. She said:

“I’m a deal junkie. Once I close a deal, I turn around and say, ‘What’s next?'”

In an exclusive interview with TV Insider, Kelman revealed that the experience was “100 percent real and weird” and was heartwarming and hilarious. He explained that the team encountered a diverse set of people with different histories and projects.

“In real estate, you get used to meeting people in a bizarre larval state between one life and another, but BMH took it to another level: people starting ministries, warehouses, foster homes, hippie communes, and echoing back to earth. -businesses, leading weird yoga sessions to buy a house, golf training courses, prayer circles and Disney shrines.”

Liebman wanted everyone to tune in. buy my house as “it’s an entertaining look at the beautiful stories and unrealistic expectations people have when looking to sell their homes.”

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Homeowners will also share amazing stories of strength and resilience as they try to sell their homes to these moguls. Copland revealed that while a good investor wouldn’t lead with emotion, experience on the show helped the team, who started out as strangers, have a memorable experience.

Adding to this, Wrightster said:

“I am very excited about buy my house viewers to see different points of view of investors. One person’s trash is definitely another person’s treasure! It’s also exciting to see some of the most unique and beautiful homes in all of the United States.”

buy my house on Netflix is ​​produced by Critical Content. Tom Forman, Jenny Daly, Matthew Pickel, Moira Ross and Dan Morando are the show’s executive producers. Each episode of the unscripted series will be 30 minutes long, where viewers will experience different storylines, pitches, and sales made.

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