What is the real life case this movie is based on?

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault, which readers may find distressing.

While this year’s true crime production has been consistently excellent — and chilling — thus far, our beloved dramas and documentaries will only get creepier as the year draws to a close. As well as marking our calendars for the next drama a family friendDisney+ Sweet and those of netflix devil in ohiothere’s another new true crime movie that should definitely be on your radar.

girl in the box he seems ready to give a whole new meaning to the term ‘scary’, should the film be grounded enough to give him nightmares. Airing later in September, it is described as a “dark psychological drama”.

As the synopsis says: “In the spring of 1977, 22-year-old Colleen Stan is hitchhiking to California when she accepts a ride from a young married couple, Cameron and Janice Hooker.”

Girl in the Box Paramount+
Zane Holtz stars in Paramount+’s Girl In The Box.

Cameron’s obsession with sadomasochism, bondage and entrapment comes to the fore when he chooses Colleen to “fulfill his fantasy”. According to the synopsis: “Kidnapped at knifepoint, Colleen will spend the next seven years imprisoned for up to 23 hours a day in a coffin-sized box under the Hookers’ bed. When she’s not incarcerated, she works as a slave and babysitter for the Hookers as she finds herself drawn into a bizarre and complex world of obsession and fantasy.”

As we said, it sounds more than disturbing, but along the same lines as other dramas like stairs, we are confident that the story will provide the audience with more context about a troubling real-life case. The film stars Addison Timlin (Californication), Zane Holtz (The perks of Being a Wallflower) and Zelda Williams (Shrimp), daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams.

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Girl in the Box Paramount+
Girl In The Box airs exclusively on Paramount+ this September.

While the film may be the stuff of nightmares, Paramount+ will also release an exclusive two-part documentary that will explore the case from the point of view of kidnapping survivor Colleen herself. Girl in the Box: The True Story will tell the story of her seven year ordeal and discuss how Colleen was brainwashed and tortured. She will also explore how when she finally took the stand at her kidnappers’ trial, she found herself portrayed as a willing participant and how the nightmare she thought she had escaped continued long after her escape.

Girl in the Box Paramount+
Coleen Stan.

In the documentary, we will also gain insight into how Colleen was able to rebuild her life after the devastating events and how she relied on faith and family to regain her identity.

The remarkable true case is prime material for movies and TV shows, but we’re sure the documentary will provide valuable personal insight and first-hand accounts of Colleen’s own experiences. We are sure that it will be an unmissable watch.

girl in the box Y Girl in the Box: The True Story will premiere on Paramount+ on Monday, September 19.

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