What is Netflix’s German horror movie Old People about?

Respect your elders…unless they’re trying to kill you like in Netflix’s new German horror movie old people. Yes, it’s called “Old People”, and the plot is as simple as you’d expect: a group of old people go on a murderous rampage. The trailer hints at more than that, but that’s the gist of it presented by the Netflix logline.

This German feature from Andy Fetscher should appeal to anyone who likes slasher movies similar to the fear street trilogy, Shuteither The strangers. Remember how terrifying Stephen Lang was in do not breathe? Or the cultists of midsummer? Good, old people seems to tap into a similar vibe.

She returns to her hometown with her two children to attend her sister’s wedding, but things quickly go haywire when she has to protect them from the elders in a murder spree. If you watch the trailer, there also seems to be an ancient relic (isn’t there always?) at the center of everything that could be related to why the elders are trying to kill everyone.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not shared the trailer on YouTube, but you can watch it from the official Netflix page of the film.

Netflix Old People Runtime

The movie has a duration of 100 minutes, which means that it has a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Netflix’s Old People Plot Synopsis

She plans to spend a relaxing trip to her hometown with her family to celebrate her sister’s wedding, but the remote town has changed radically since she left. A storm rages, and suddenly the elderly residents of a retirement home begin to act strangely, attacking the young caretakers with ever-increasing brutality.

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Netflix’s official plot synopsis for the film is as follows: “She returns to her hometown with her children for her sister’s wedding. The small, remote town has changed a lot since he left: the young have long since moved on, leaving most of the old behind, seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. When a huge storm hits the small town on the night of the wedding, the residents of a retirement home begin to behave strangely. Led by a giant pensioner, a group of elderly inmates attack the young caretakers with horrific brutality. After a blackout, they break through the security gates and escape into the cold rain. The music draws them to the wedding where Ella will soon have to fight for the survival of her family.”

old people opens on Friday, October 7. will you be watching

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