What happened to 23 Jump Street?

the 21 Jump Street The franchise is widely regarded as one of the best buddy comedy series of the 2010s. The two films are based on the 1980s Fox series that launched Johnny Depp’s controversial career and brought his concept into the 21st century. . Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum starred in the series as two immature and incompetent narcotics cops, Schmidt and Jenko, who went undercover as high school and college students.

The irreverent take on the serious ’80s show turned into a witty, fresh movie that pulled in a ton of box office dollars. The first film was made for $42 million, but it eventually became so popular that it grossed almost five times that amount during its theatrical run. monitoring, 22 Jump Streetparodied Hollywood’s devotion to churning out countless sequels with incredible end credits that featured the pair in an endless stream of jump street films. But even after mocking the constant aftermath, a third jump street the film was in the works. Let’s break down what happened and if fans will ever see Jenko and Schmidt return.

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What happened to Abandoned 23 Jump Street & Men in Black Crossover?

After the success of 22 Jump Street, creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller wanted to take the series to the next level. To do this, they hoped to take the story into space by merging the franchise with the men in black Film (n. The film, titled 23 Jump Street either MIB 23It was in development for years, but never gained enough momentum to make it to the big screen. The minds behind the jump street The movies haven’t been silent on why their crossover flopped, with Jonah Hill saying, “It almost became what we were making fun of.” In early 2022 in the Glad. Sad. Confused. Podcastwriter-directors Lord and Miller opened up on fighting not to “tear these two franchises down” due to their inherent differences.

Ultimately, they rejected the cross with the MY B franchise. However, that hasn’t sounded the death knell for the buddy comedy series. In 2021, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Co-writer and director Rodney Rothman revealed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he is set to write and direct. 24 jump street. That’s not the only installment in the works though, with Qmars Mootab also set to helm a new version of 23 Jump Street that does not imply men in black.

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23 Jump Street is coming, but not with men in black

Known for his one-shot film, The silent pasture of the sparrowsQmars Mootab is ready to lead 23 Jump Street with the help of writer Michael Bacall and composer Mark Mothersbaugh. Both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will return as Schmidt and Jenko, respectively, along with Ice Cube’s Captain Dickson. Brad Pitt, fresh off the success of Bullet train — will join the cast as Dr. Johnnie Walker. While the details surrounding the third jump street Entries are limited, the official plot synopsis reads as follows:

Although they successfully finished high school, an investigation at a local college brings big changes for undercover officers Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill). When Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the soccer team and Schmidt infiltrates the bohemian art scene, both men begin to question their association. Not only do they have to solve the case, but now the two overgrown teens must learn to behave like adults. They were 22 and now, after their undercover adventure in college, police officers Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko infiltrate an office building to find the con man who has been smuggling illegal whiskey.

24 Jump Street could also introduce new faces

with a plan 23 Jump Street in the works and 24 jump street On the horizon, it’s an exciting time for branch fans. In 2015, just one year later 22 Jump Street, there were reports that a female-driven spin-off of the series was in the works. Three years later, anonymous sources informed Collider that the spinoff had been elevated to sequel status and had cast Lord and Miller favorite Tiffany Haddish as the film’s lead. The Haddish-directed film, which may also have Zendaya joining the team, will be directed by Rodney Rothman. 24 jump street.

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