What does your coffee order say about your personality?

It’s no secret that you already know what your coffee order will be even before you place your order at a coffee shop. And chances are, when you’re not looking for novelties, you have a unique coffee order that you stick to. When you need a ‘pick me up,’ the first thing that comes to mind is your big cup of comfort. Some like it dark, some like it milky, and some want it to be strong enough to bring the Undertaker back to life. The list goes on and on. As you enjoy taking a sip of your favorite beverage, you may be wondering if your choice of coffee is an indication of the type of person you are. Sure why not? Your likes and dislikes speak volumes about you, and coffee lovers will swear that this caffeinated beverage is almost like an extension of your personality. Know what it means to you. keep reading…

black/american coffee


If you prefer your coffee black, then you are a simple person who likes to keep things simple. Thinking about what your coffee is going to be is something you don’t like to worry about. No milk + no sugar = No nonsense. This does not mean that you will put any coffee mixture in boiling water and swallow it. His preference for coffee also indicates that he likes to be in control and doesn’t do things unless his heart is completely in it.



You like variety in your life, and considering the fact that cappuccino comes in a variety of flavors like caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, and more, it’s no surprise that it’s your choice of coffee. You are creative and find no difficulty in spicing up the most boring things. You have a good aesthetic sense and love to explore, be it new places or new styles in decoration and fashion.

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Hard-working, confident and organized: this is how we would best describe an espresso drinker. You are someone who feels that time is money and loves fast pace, that’s why you want your coffee to be fast. That also means that you know exactly what you want, which makes you a good leader! You like to live according to a routine and you love to get things done on time.



You like adventure but with one foot firmly planted on safe ground. You are known for being laid back and always taking the middle ground, being the team player that you are. Also, you are polite and enjoy the little things in life, like the extra foam in your coffee and the latte art on top. Given the choice, you would choose to enjoy reading a book or watching your favorite shows.



You live life to the fullest and always look on the bright side of time. You don’t need a cup of coffee to start your day, as your vital energy prepares you for the day. But what you do need is a coffee, so rich and creamy that it can pass as a dessert! Your charisma is contagious, which is why everyone loves to be around you.

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