What does love have to do with it? Trailer starring Lily James and Shazad Latif

The cozy months are upon us, and with them the promise of heartwarming rom-coms to laugh and cry about – the perfect balm for the spooky season. In the new full trailer for Shekhar Kapur‘s (Isabel) upcoming cross-cultural romantic comedy, What does love have to do with it? that’s exactly what he stars in lily james Y Shazad Latif deliver. The film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10.

From the producers of The diaryof Bridget Jones Y love actually, What does love have to do with it? follows Zoe (James), a documentary filmmaker looking for her next project, and her childhood friend and neighbor Kazim (Latif), who recently got engaged in an assisted marriage. Kapur’s new romantic comedy will examine what it is love, actually, and is there a “right” way to find it? When Kaz reveals her new engagement to Zoe, she is shocked at the prospect of the family choosing her mate for you. It doesn’t seem to occur to Zoe that her own way of finding love (numerous dating apps and many mismatches) isn’t working for her. When Zoe features her best friend’s love life as the subject of her upcoming documentary, she follows Kaz through the stages of her engagement, wondering if maybe she doesn’t have more to learn about love.


The trailer is filled with the optimistic glow of a wintery love story. The music is uplifting, comically showing bits of Zoe’s bleak love life before we see the two friends hanging out in an old tree house, where Kaz first announces her engagement. Zoe is immediately excited for him, but hesitates when he tells her it’s a fixed or assisted affair as “we call it these days”. She later poses the question, “What about love?” and she casually compares the notion of an assisted marriage to Stockholm Syndrome, before we see her bring this idea to her bosses at work, dismissing ideas like “Love by Contract.” The setting is light-hearted and comically presented, but it’s clear there’s a lot to learn.

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As the trailer progresses, we see Kaz meeting his girlfriend for the first time over the internet while Zoe documents everything, while remaining critical. Both parties to the engagement are nervous, and as the wedding in Pakistan approaches, tension between the two friends begins to rise. When Zoe questions Kaz’s commitment to her marriage, he points out that she’s not exactly the pinnacle of relationship gurus.

James has made a name for himself in Hollywood ever since his starring role in the live-action Disney movie. Cinderella in 2015, following her recurring role as Rose MacClare on the hit British historical series downton abbey. She later starred in movies like baby driver Y My goodness! Here we go againand the Hulu series pam and tommy. Latif has become a fan favorite with roles on several hit series such as Showtime’s Penny dreadful, Star Trek: Discoveryfrom netflix The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistanceas well as a series of films such as Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Y the traveler with Liam Neeson.

Latif, Thompson and James join the cast for Shabana Azmi (aura) as Aisha Khan, Sajal Ali (Breast) like Maymouna, Asim Chaudy (The Sandman), Taj Awal (Memory), Jeff Mirza (eternal), my sheikh, Iman Boujelouah, Mariam Hake Y Sindhu Vee. What does love have to do with it? is written by the writer and producer Jemima Khanand directed by BAFTA winner Kapur, best known for his tense and stylistic films. Isabel and its sequel Elizabeth: the golden ageboth starred Cate Blanchett.

While there is no official release date, What does love have to do with it? will hit theaters soon. You can watch the full trailer and read the official synopsis below:

How do you find lasting love in today’s world? For documentary filmmaker and dating app addict Zoe (Lily James), swiping right has only provided an endless stream of Mr Wrongs, much to the dismay of her eccentric mother Cath (Emma Thompson). For Zoe’s childhood friend and neighbor Kaz (Shazad Latif), the answer is to follow his parents’ example and opt for an arranged (or “assisted”) marriage to a bright and beautiful bride from Pakistan. As Zoe films her hopeful journey from London to Lahore to marry a stranger, chosen by her parents, she begins to wonder if she might have something to learn from a profoundly different approach to finding love.

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