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This is the local WFHB news for Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Later in the show, we have a brief update on Monroe County’s proposal to build a new jail. This comes from the producers of Kite Line, our public affairs show dedicated to prison issues in the Midwest and beyond. More in the lower half of our program.

Also in the next half hour, we have Voices in the Street, a public opinion piece on the nature of drunk driving and how it can be prevented. But first, your local headlines.

Monroe County Commissioners

Photo by Benedict Jones.

Monroe County commissioners heard from Health Department Director Lori Kelley at their Sept. 28 meeting. Kelley updated the board on Covid-19 rates, testing available in the community, and vaccinations given.

Commissioners then heard from Parks and Recreation Director Kelli Witmer. Witmer asked commissioners to approve a contract with Snedegar Construction to make improvements to Karst Farm Dog Park.

Commissioner Julie Thomas asked if this project would be a short term or long term solution.

Commissioners unanimously approved the contract to improve the dog park.

Commissioners also heard a request from Deputy Chief Tre ssia Martin, who asked commissioners to approve an agreement with Midwest Presort to assist with the collection and metering of mail-in ballots for the 2022 General Election. The board approved the request. .

The next meeting of the Monroe County Commissioners will be held on October 5.

Bloomington Public Utilities Board

Photo courtesy of Schmidt Associates.

At the Bloomington Utilities Service Board meeting on September 26, Deputy Director of Utilities James Hall asked the board to approve the 2022 Residential Stormwater Grant Recipients.

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Board member Megan Parmenter said she was able to be a part of the Stormwater Grants Commission and appreciated the work they did.

Board member Jim Sherman shared that he noticed many of the requests were from the southeastern quadrant of the city and that three requests were located on the High Street. He asked if there was anything in the area that might have caused the trend. Hall replied.

Sherman asked if they would need to increase grant funds for next year to ensure the $100,000 goes to projects rather than decrease funds to pay consulting fees.

Board President Jeff Ehman asked if they had received applications from residents who were in low-income areas. Hall said they are working to remove barriers people may face so the grant is accessible to all Bloomington residents.

The board unanimously approved the stormwater grant recipients.

The next meeting of the Bloomington Public Utilities Board will be held on October 10.

Feature Report:

Below is a brief update on Monroe County’s proposal to build a new jail. This comes from the producers of Kite Line, our public affairs show dedicated to prison issues in the Midwest and beyond. Tune in to WFHB tomorrow at 5:30 pm to hear more updates on the prison issues on the Kite Line.

Voices on the Street. Photo: Chris Hack, 2019.

On today’s episode of Voices in the Street, Youth Radio took to the streets of Bloomington to speak about the death of 20-year-old IU student Nathaniel Stratton, a victim of drunk driving. Hoping to find some answers on what can be done to prevent more accidents like this in the future.

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