Wedding season: Disney+ release date, cast with Rosa Salazar

Wedding Season, a mix of romantic comedy and thriller with Rosa Salazar and Gavin Drea, arrives as part of this year’s Disney+ day.

Wedding Season, a new blend of romantic comedy and crime thriller, is coming to Disney+ on Thursday, September 8.

The series, which follows a couple on the run after a mass murder at a wedding, stars Gavin Drea and Rosa Salazar.

Here’s everything you need to know about the wedding season.

What is the Wedding Season all about?

The official synopsis for Wedding Season explains that “Katie and Stefan fall in love at a wedding, even though Katie already has a fiancé.”

“Two months later, at Katie’s wedding, her new husband and her entire family are murdered. The police think Stefan did it. Stefan thinks Katie did it. And no one knows for sure what the truth is…”

The series is presented somewhere between a romantic comedy and an action thriller: it’s light and funny, and always very easy to watch, but it also manages to maintain moments of true drama.

Who stars in the wedding season?

Rosa Salazar as Katie McConnell and Gavin Drea as Steffan Bridges in Wedding Season. They’re celebrating at a blackjack table and she’s wearing a cowboy hat (Credit: Greg Gayne/Disney+)

Rosa Salazar plays Katie, one half of the central couple. She is probably best known for appearing in Alita: Battle Angel, though she might be a bit more recognizable for her roles in the films New Cherry Flavour, Bird Box, and Divergent.

Gavin Drea plays Steffan, the other half of the central couple. He previously appeared in Resistance, Vikings: Valhalla, and The Alienist, though he is probably best known for his appearance in the Cyberpunk video game series.

The series also stars Jade Harrison, Jamie Michie, Callie Cooke, Bhav Joshi, Ioanna Kimbook, Omar Baroud, and George Webster.

Who writes and directs Wedding Season?

The series was written and created by Oli Lyttleton, a former film journalist. (Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us, then.) He’s probably best known for writing and creating the recent BBC drama Cheaters, starring Susan Wokoma and Callie Cooke (who’s also in Wedding Season, pretty well).

The series was directed by George Kane (best known for Flack and Crashing) and Laura Scrivano (who recently directed episodes of The Lazarus Project).

Is there a trailer for Wedding Season?

Yes there are! You can see it right here.

When and how can I see the wedding season?

In the UK, Wedding Season is currently available to stream on Disney+, where it launched as part of their Disney+ day celebrations. You can sign up for Disney+ here.

In the US, Wedding Season is currently available to stream on Hulu. You can sign up for Hulu here.

How many episodes is Wedding Season?

There are eight episodes of Wedding Season in total, each lasting around 35-45 minutes (give or take).

You didn’t interview anyone from the cast, did you?

Drea explained what drew him to the show in the first place, how he tackled some of the challenges presented by his color scheme, what it was like working with Rosa Salazar, and more.

Anything else happening on Disney+ day that might interest me?

September 8 is Disney+ Day, a marketing event to mark the anniversary of the streaming service’s launch. There are a number of different series and movies opening today, from the Mike Tyson biopic Mike to Pixar’s Cars on the Road.

Why should I watch Wedding Season?

It’s so much fun: Drea and Salazar have great chemistry together, it’s so much fun and it’s all very, very easy to watch.

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