“We have to be able to execute football when they know we are going to do it”

Ohio State Head Coach Ryan’s day he was willing to step out of his comfort zone last Saturday night against Notre Dame. With the Buckeyes trailing 10-7 at halftime, they relied on their running game in the second half and because of that, along with a strong defense, they emerged with a 21-10 victory. Day was asked about the importance of OSU having a reliable running game on his Zoom call with the media Thursday afternoon.

“Well, one of the things we knew in the offseason, across the board, was if we want to get to where we want to be, we have to play good defense and we have to be able to stop the run.” said the day. “That’s something we spent time on and we got off to a good start there. But also, to be complete offensively, we have to run the ball, when they know we’re going to run the ball. There are certain teams that will play us and go down eight and they’ll put two tall safeties in there and when that happens, we have to run the football.

“We’re going to continue to see the same game plan (that Notre Dame used) at certain points during the year where the guys (opposing coaches) want to run the ball, huddle, get the ball out within five seconds and limit the possessions they have. we’re on the field on offense. When that happens, we can’t let our pride and ego get in the way. We have to do what we have to do to win the game and that’s the goal. And a big part of that it’s me here (raises hand) I love to score points and shoot them, but if that means we have to run the ball and control the clock and take six minutes or seven minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter or end the game in a drill of 4 minutes, we have to be able to do that.

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“So that’s all part of the process. And we have to find ways to win different styles of games based on what we need. And the focus can’t be on number of points or number of yards. The focus has to be in winning games.

“Having said that, we can do a better job of executing, especially in the first half. There are things in there … there are penalties, there are some things in there that we really have to fix and that’s part of the week.” two of growing and building”.

wypler update

Day did not say whether the center Lucas Wypler He was due to play visiting Arkansas State on Saturday with a sore foot, but he gave a promising update.

“He’s had a good week; he’s been practicing,” Day said. “So we should be fine there, but we will continue to evaluate it.”

Ransom in process of starting

Day said the plan is for rescue lathan start with the security of the bandits this week, but made it clear that joseph proctor is a big part of the plans and will play a lot. He also reiterated that there will be more rotations on defense, and on offense, this week.

video of the day

To learn more about Day, watch the full video of his press conference, included above this sentence.

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