Watch this video about a pristine 1960s drag car and a lone survivor

The Hot Rod Hoarder YouTube channel explores the story of an iconic drag racer, a 1960 Pontiac Catalina named Road Runner.

The car, which was a regular champion in drag racing between 1964 and 1971, remains a fully functional, running and driving car that still has the ability to handle the drag strip with ease.

Watch the YouTube video to learn more about the history of this incredible Pontiac and watch him tear up the race track without showing any signs of his age.

A classic and successful survivor of Drag Racer

The car has “Road Runner” written on the side, and it notably predates Plymouth introducing a car of the same name.

Originally owned by John Eleazer and also driven by his brother Ralph, the car got its name due to John’s reputation for traveling to up to 3 drag races in a single weekend, often sleeping in the Catalina in between.

As he gained a reputation as a “roadrunner”, he adopted the nickname and added it to the car.

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John bought the car new in New York City in 1960 and used it as a daily driver for four years until 1964.

As his interest in drag racing grew, he bought another 1960 Pontiac Catalina to use as a daily car and put it to work as a drag car full-time.

The car has a 1960 model 389 CI engine with super heavy duty 421 cylinder heads and a four speed transmission.

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It’s mostly original to the way it was in the ’60s, though it has modern rear tires. Despite its age, it is still a fully functional endurance racing car and the mostly original interior is in mint condition.

Catalina Drag Racer from the 1960s still ready for the Strip

The car’s current owner, Tim, met John earlier at a convention and has a number of artifacts from over fifty years ago that John used to maintain the car between races, as well as John’s racing team jacket from the past ; Tim talks about many of these elements in the video.

Tim also met the man who painted the car in the 1960s, a task that required over 30 coats of clear lacquer to bring the car to its brilliant color.

The current owner has also kept the car’s original decals from racing during the car’s period as a regular racer, showing off its impressive winning record.

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Later in the video, the classic Pontiac is started and the engine rumbles when the car is idling, an audible indication of the car’s speed and power.

Eventually, they take the Catalina to the race track and Tim drives it off the line and down the track.

As the car zooms away, it’s easy to see how the car was a winner in its day and is still very capable as a tow vehicle now, many decades later.

As Tim celebrates his ownership of the car, it’s technically available for sale for the right price.

If you’re interested in making this piece of drag racing history your own, there’s an email address in the YouTube video description that you can contact for additional details or to express interest.

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