Was Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Accidentally Confirmed?

Tom Sturridge reads a book like Dream on Netflix

We have been eagerly awaiting news about the second season renewal of The Sandman, the genre-defying Netflix show based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series. With The Sandman Dominating Netflix’s “most popular” list and a fanbase that has been rapidly (and furiously) expanding, we were pretty sure we’d see additional seasons of the show. there is still a ton Of material and stories from the comics to the cover, Gaiman is always a favorite, and the series has been well received by audiences and critics alike. But has season 2 confirmation leaked courtesy of the Writers Guild of America Directory, of all places? We’ll see.

According to the official WGA directory, the entry for The Sandman it now lists two seasons, with the second having a production run of 2022-2023.

Of course, we have to take the information provided with a big grain of sand, well, as the rather prominent disclaimer at the bottom of the page says, “The information contained in the ‘Find a Writer’ database is the most up-to-date information. and accurate available to Writers Guild of America West (WGAW). Some of the data is self-reported by the writers and is not independently verified by WGAW. Users of the database accept the data as it is, without any express or implied guarantee of its accuracy.” There is no way we can state without a shadow of a doubt that The Sandman has been greenlit for a second season. But this looks quite promising.

There’s even a season 2 staff roster, which is almost identical to the season 1 one, except story editor Lauren Bello doesn’t appear on the season 2 roster. (I hope this in itself is subject to changes, as Bello wrote the script for my favorite episode of the season, “The Sound of Her Wings,” which features both Dream’s incredibly badass sister Death and Dream’s encounters throughout the story with the immortal Hob Gadling. .)

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We can’t wait to head back to the realm of Dream for more (I mean, we haven’t met Delirium yet, folks), so fingers crossed these entries are accurate. Interestingly, the season 1 entry also lists that there are 12 episodes in total, when only 11 have been released on Netflix to date. The WGA page shows a twelfth episode with a script by Catherine Smyth-McMullen, the writer behind the excellent “Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope” episode that Netflix released as a surprise bonus weeks after the series debuted.

There will possibly be other Bonus episode for season 1 that we haven’t seen yet? (Please.) Of course, it may be that since “Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope” was technically two separate stories, Smyth-McMullen got separate credits for each, but a girl can, you know. Sleep.

(images: Netflix, WGA Directory)

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