Virgin River Fans Will Love This Upcoming Netflix Drama – Everything You Need To Know

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virgin river fans will be delighted to hear that the bosses in the Netflix have confirmed that they are working on a new series that fans of the drama are sure to love.

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A series boss, which stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, has opened up about the upcoming project, rescue cannonwhich is based on the Jodi Thomas novel of the same namecalling it a cross between yellow stone Y virgin river – sign us up!

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Jinny Howe, head of drama at Netflix, said Term: “It’s a contemporary western romance show, looking for more in this romantic comfort space. It’s a multigenerational family show set on a ranch, and we say it’s virgin river satisfies Yellowstone.

“We think it’s going to deliver on the whole romance and, again, it’s going to be a really beautiful sight and setting, very escapist. It’s in early stages of development, but we’re really excited about it; it feels very promising.”

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Virgin River is filming its fifth season

Meanwhile, during the same interview, Jinny shared some more exciting news about Virgin River’s future. Fans will know that the series’ cast and crew are back together filming season five, but what about the future beyond that?

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“I think we’re definitely seeing more longevity and growth with the show,” Jinny said, adding, “Based on what we’re seeing with season four and the anticipation for season five, it feels like there’s a lot more stories to offer us.”

Are you a fan of Yellowstone?

Jinny added that she, along with other senior Netflix staff who make the decisions, are “very hopeful” that the show will continue for many more seasons. “You can be sure there will be more Virgin River.

“It will be exciting to see which characters continue to emerge and audiences crave for more – we’re paying close attention, understanding that this is a really rich universe of characters and that people just can’t seem to get enough of it, myself included.”

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