Video: “The Swimmers” – Official Teaser – Netflix

[09/01/22 – 08:01 AM]
Video: “Get Money Smart” – Official Trailer – Netflix
Financial advisors share their simple tips on how to spend less and save more with people looking to control their funds and achieve their goals.

[09/01/22 – 07:01 AM]
Video: “The Swimmers” – Official Teaser – Netflix
From war-torn Syria to the 2016 Rio Olympics, two young sisters embark on a harrowing journey as refugees, putting their heart and champion swimming skills to heroic use.

[09/01/22 – 07:00 AM]
Video: Prime Video Unveils Official Trailer and Artwork for Western Drama Series ‘The English’ Starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer
All six episodes of the limited series will premiere on November 11 exclusively in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Nordics on Prime Video, following its UK premiere on November 10 on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

[09/01/22 – 02:01 AM]
Video: “Who My Follower Likes” – Official Trailer – Netflix
Three successful influencers each train a follower while narrowing down a field of dating prospects, hoping to trade digital likes for real-life love.

[08/31/22 – 09:31 PM]
Video: “Jamtara” Season 2 – Official Trailer – Amit Sial, Monika Panwar, Sparsh Shrivastava – Netflix India
Watch Amit Sial, Monika Panwar, and Sparsh Srivastava in Season 2, premiering September 23, only on Netflix.

[08/31/22 – 01:01 PM]
Video: “Killing Diana” – Official Trailer – A Tubi Original
On the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic passing, we’ll go behind the castle walls to look at the extraordinary life and legacy of “The People’s Princess.”

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[08/31/22 – 11:05 AM]
Video: Peacock Unveils Official Trailer and Key Art for COVID-19 Documentary, “Hell of a Cruise”
The film pulls back the curtain on the two-week claustrophobic nightmare when passengers and crew members boarded the luxury cruise ship Diamond Princess in January 2020, they had no idea the deadly new coronavirus boarded the ship with them turning the floating paradise. in your worst nightmare.

[08/31/22 – 10:02 AM]
Video: The new trailer for season 2 of the Disney + original series “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” is now available
After reclaiming the Mighty Ducks team name last year, our heartfelt squad and their coach Alex Morrow (Lauren Graham) hit the road for an intense California summer hockey institute run by the charming but stalwart former player. of the NHL, Colin Cole. (Josh Duhamel).

[08/31/22 – 09:01 AM]
Video: New clip from Disney+ original series “Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory” shows for the first time the largest gathering of giant fin whales ever filmed
The filming of the second largest whales on the planet, some up to 90 feet long, took place in Drake Passage, at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

[08/31/22 – 06:14 AM]
Video: Apple TV+ Reveals Trailer for “Sago Mini Friends,” an Adorable New Preschool Animated Series Based on the Popular, Award-Winning App Sago Mini World
The series is an adorable nod to gratitude, featuring Harvey the lop-eared dog and his best friends, Jinja the cat, Jack the rabbit, and Robin the bird.

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[08/31/22 – 06:01 AM]
Video: “Holy” – Official Trailer – Netflix
Two cops on opposite sides of the Atlantic embark on a desperate search for a vicious international drug dealer whose face has never been revealed.

[08/30/22 – 11:01 AM]
Video: “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” – Official NSFW Trailer – Netflix
In a dystopia plagued by corruption and cybernetic implants, a talented but reckless street kid strives to become a mercenary outlaw – a frontrunner.

[08/30/22 – 10:01 AM]
Video: Trailer & Key Art Debut – Hulu Original Series “Chefs vs. Wild”
In each episode, two different world-class chefs will be released into the wilderness where they will embark on an unprecedented and grueling mission: survive and search for enough wild ingredients to create a five-star restaurant-worthy meal.

[08/30/22 – 06:01 AM]
Video: “Rainbow” – Official Trailer – Netflix
In search of her mother, a free-spirited teenager and her eccentric companions embark on a whimsical journey while avoiding the clutches of an evil woman.

[08/29/22 – 08:01 PM]
Video: “Thai Cave Rescue” Limited Series – Official Trailer – Netflix
A Thai youth soccer team and their assistant coach are trapped inside the Tham Luang cave, sparking a global rescue effort. Inspired by real events.

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