Video Movie Review: HYPOCHONDRIAC (2022) – A fascinating tenor, but the director’s vision outweighs the plot

Zach Villa Hypochondriac

Hypochondriac Review Video

Hypochondriac (2022) video film reviewa movie directed by addison heimmannwritten by Addison Heimann and starring marlene strong, Devon Graye, ymarie morales, Zach VillaY Madeline Zima.


plot synopsis

HypochondriacPlot Synopsis: “When Will was 12, his mentally ill mother (Marlene Forte) tried to kill him and was subsequently locked up. Eighteen years later, Will (Zach Villa) says that he has healed from any past trauma and that he has a happy life with his boyfriend Luke (Devon Graye). Then packages from his mother begin to appear, containing disturbing and paranoid tape-recorded messages, and Will begins to see things and feel sick. The doctors keep telling him that he is physically fine, just stressed out, but as his mind continues to deteriorate, he fears that he is following in his mother’s footsteps and becoming a danger to others. Fleeing from one potential haven to another, Will may not be able to escape the familiar demon that takes hold of his psyche with ever-increasing force.”

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Hypochondriac Review Video

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