Verstappen: I don’t expect it to be like this every weekend

Max Verstappen is relishing the blistering pace of his RB18 after winning the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix, but admits he doesn’t expect things to be like this every weekend.

The 2021 Formula 1 champion was driving in his own parallel universe throughout the weekend, fastest in qualifying by more than six-tenths of Carlos Sainz behind him, while in Sunday’s race he swept 14th and won for more than 17 seconds. of his partner Sergio Pérez.

“I think if you look at the whole weekend, yes, the car has been amazing since FP1,” Verstappen told the official F1 website. “I don’t think we expected it to be like that, but sometimes it’s good when things surprise you positively, and it’s been really nice driving the car around here this year.

“I don’t expect it to be like this every race weekend… just because of the layout of the track, more downforce on the car to go around, less straights as well. So it will definitely be closer, yes.

“But of course we made a bigger gap again which of course is very nice, but we know we have to score points every weekend,” he said.

Verstappen reflected on his race saying: “The hardest thing was lap 1 to not get into trouble, because I was so hectic in front of me and I didn’t really want to get involved, but yeah, we came out pretty good.” so you know he calmed down with the Safety Car, and basically from there he was literally trying to pass a car every lap.

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“And once I realized I was third, I could see that we could win this race,” revealed the Dutchman.

Pérez: Luckily we managed to survive

Sergio Perez struggled to come close to his team-mate’s imperious form throughout the weekend and got off to a poor start to the race, but after that, making good use of the RB18’s superior speed, he was able to finish second, which made it a one two for Red Bull. who maximized their points when Verstappen took the extra point for fastest lap.

Pérez said: “My weekend didn’t start well, really bad start; I struggled a lot, but yeah, luckily we managed to survive and it’s a great team result, obviously a one-two for the team is always welcome.

“It drives everyone, everyone is working so hard, it’s always a great result. But on the other hand, I am aware of the difference with Max, so something we need to understand as a team to make sure we can come back stronger for Zandvoort,” he explained.

“Certainly the car has improved since the start of the season, but yeah, I’m certainly not as comfortable as I was at the start of the season, so it’s something I need to work on on my end to make sure we’re capable.” to get the most out of the car.

“I really hope that from this weekend we will run the cars slightly differently so that we can spot some differences that can bring some performance from our side.”

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