Veneer – A short film by Super7Films


  • LOCK – When second chances knock on the door, painful memories and new hope alike come alive.
  • SYNOPSIS – Jimmy Sorrento’s cult classic ‘Invisible Threads,’ which he filmed twenty years ago, receives an honorary award at Cannes. When the original cast members – including his ex-wife Elisabeth, now a famous movie star, and his other ex-partner Ella, whom he still sees as the love of his life – Milo, Lillian and Jonathan are invited to join him. at the awards ceremony. Ceremony in Cannes. They had all gone their separate ways, each had encountered vastly different life experiences, and now they will inevitably be forced to reconnect with each other and their director. Old pains, resentments, jealousy, comparisons will resurface. Memories will come to life, their own truths and possibly even dreams can be felt again. Everyone’s story forms the basis for bringing to life Jimmy’s screenplay ‘Cracked Veneer’ from a project in development. Therefore, the characters in his new feature film-script become extensions or mirrors of all his shortcomings, misdeeds, as well as his idealism, hopes and dreams. This isn’t just a gift to producers, like Hollywood power couple Anne and Daniel. It is a possibility for all of them to create an exclusive auteur film. Also, for Jimmy to tell his own story, through his filmmaking. Anne and Daniel offer to produce it, but only give Jimmy and his cast 48 hours to commit. Will they see it as a second chance and take advantage of the possibilities it offers? Will they take off their own masks and surrender to the collective journey? Only by removing his own veneer, and knowing that he will throw everyone into chaos and the dilemma of searching within, Jimmy can hope to convince the people he loves and respects, but has also hurt the most, to risk collaborating on this one. unexpectedly lit new feature film? So will they? Can they put their differences behind them? Especially those who rejected it long ago? Can Jimmy and his group learn to believe in second chances? Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Côte d’Azur, VENEER captures on film everyone’s courage to overcome fears, find forgiveness and rekindle hope, admit personal longings for love and belonging, to manifest an artistic vision!


  • VENEER’S INTENT – We intend to inspire and touch the audience, rekindle hope and encourage them through our film, so they too will take advantage of second chances!
  • WRITERS STATEMENT – In our short film, VENEER, we hope to portray the courage it takes to overcome fears, find forgiveness, and rekindle hope. Admitting personal longings for love and belonging, not only to reconnect with people who once meant something to us, or still have meaning in our lives, but also to collectively manifest an artistic vision!
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  • WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU: By joining our adventure, we would like to offer you tokens of our gratitude. Check out our tier/reward list breakdown.

  • WHY WE’RE MAKING THIS PRESENTATION AND WHO WE ARE – I feel privileged to have not only written and acted in a short film titled ‘Wisteria Cottage’, but it gave me the opportunity to work and create with the people I admire and love the most. The recognition we received from across the film festival circuit ignited my passion to create another story that has inspired all of us to work together again, with the same cast and director, and the addition of three more actors. During our Q&A after the screening of ‘Wisteria Cottage’ in Cannes in November 2021, Marcus Thompson, Kate Isitt and I were asked if we had another project planned. With joy, I was able to confirm that we did it, and I promised that after the somewhat sad story of ‘Wisteria Cottage’, the next short would fill everyone with hope and a sense of coming home or belonging. ‘Veneer’ is a movie within a movie (une mise en abyme), a multi-layered exploration of truth and real connection, revealing the characters’ journeys to reconnect with themselves, each other, and even their own dreams. no masks or fakes. Pretensions Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Côte d’Azur, the film aims to reveal how we all, in our own way, seek the same things; for happiness, validation, a sense of fulfillment and belonging; basically the meaning of our lives! With all that we have been through individually and collectively in this world over the last three years, from the pandemic, the horrible war in Ukraine, and the constant barrage of economic and environmental threats, I was not only inspired, but took the initiative to write . a script based on mutual trust, and a story with a hopeful outlook. Fortunately, Jake, my dear friend and co-founder of Charismatic Productions Ltd., who played Carl in ‘Wisteria Cottage’ and will play Milo in ‘Veneer,’ agreed to co-write the dialogue with me and brought another level of love. it; from his deep understanding of human connections, as well as from his vast life experience and his worldliness within him. We are very aware that for a short we have a large cast, with eight actors, a complex script and ambitious shooting ahead of us, but we are all confident and eager to get started. I am also sure that Marcus Thompson, our director, will portray the wide variety of emotions within the characters, as well as our love letter to the 1960s era of European arthouse films, with style and artistic expertise. We also recognize that the success of a short film is mainly due to experience, inspiration, mutual respect and love for each other. ‘Veneer’ may well be a labor of love, rather than a financially feasible success, however the film could serve as a springboard for my/our next feature film script, ‘Cracked Veneer’, intended for the same director, cast and team. . One can dream, but I have learned that only with vision, care and perseverance can ideas become reality! So, in order to continue filming for ‘Veneer’ in the second half of March 2023, we humbly decided to ask for your help in bringing our message of hope to the screen! So that ‘Super7Films’ and all of us can make it happen! Donate as much or as little as you want. We will be grateful for anything. This will not only allow us to collectively see our vision, our story come to life, but we hope to turn it with our purest intention into a ‘little work of art’!
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We sincerely thank you for joining our adventure and for your support in making ‘Veneer’ a reality! Jake and I will be sure to keep you posted and find ways to recognize and celebrate your help throughout our journey.


And last but not least, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this, listening to us, watching our presentation and helping us!

birgitta and jake

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