Vabbing, the strangest newest viral fragrance

You have probably used perfumes, body creams, deodorants and lotions that allow you to enhance your smell on a date, but would you be able to go so far as to use your vaginal secretions to seduce? While it may seem a bit strange, this is called vabbing, the new trend on TikTok. Meanwhile, are social media trends getting crazier?

Every month there are many challenges and trends coming out on TikTok. Some are creative and fun, some are baseless, and some can be dangerous at worst. Vabbing is one of the weirdest trends you may never have thought you’d see on social media, but it’s been turning heads in recent weeks.

Vabbing: between rare and natural

Have you ever wondered if your body odor makes you more attractive? The perfume industry has been betting on this for years, but in an artificial or additive way. However, some people go natural, even if that includes resorting to genital fluids.

This unconventional technique has started to gain traction among women around the world in recent weeks after becoming a TikTok trend. However, it is not new, there are books that mention the strategy and magazine articles that speak of the experience. Before vabbing became a trend in 2022, it was mentioned on the Secret Keepers Club podcast in 2018 and featured in Urban Dictionary in 2019.

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Vabbing comes from the words ‘vagina’ and ‘dabbing’. The theory goes that vaginal secretions, strategically placed on the wrists and neck (like perfume), can attract a potential mate. The concept involves pheromones present in vaginal secretions, but in practice there is no scientific basis to support this theory in humans.

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To date, studies on pheromones indicate that in humans they do not work as they do in animals, due to the lack of a sensory organ to process the signals. This makes chemical communication less powerful in humans, at least in this aspect, as far as science knows so far.

Public acceptance and rejection

Opinions are diverse. Between teasing, rejection, messages of disgust and support, this trend has been one of the most used by many women looking for a partner. The videos on social networks from all sides have not been long in coming.

Although experts say there is no scientific basis to prove its effectiveness, some women have been encouraged to experiment. The stories include dating descriptions, how couples went crazy for them, and how the seduction method showered them with compliments on potential romantic interests.

Vabbing became popular after TikToker Mandy Lee shared how the strategy can supposedly help in the dating world. Later, other TikTok users such as Jewlieah have been advocates and promoters, attesting to the success.

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Doctors, including gynecologists, have come out on the subject. Most are of the opinion that the procedure has no effect, but if someone ventures to do it, they must take certain hygiene precautions: wash their hands, avoid contact of the rubbed parts with other people, not have any STIs to guarantee vaginal health and overall. .

A confidence boost

Although it doesn’t seem to work the way many people think, apparently vaping can help you gain confidence. Sex expert Tacey Cox believes this technique could work for people on a psychological level, and she thought so two decades ago when she wrote about a similar seduction strategy in her first book.

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Another sexologist who has opened up to the subject is Carlen Costa. She said that she has used the technique for 20 years.

“I use vabbing or encourage vabbing and recommend it as part of a mating ritual with a current lover who already loves your juices,” she says. “He drives people crazy and I love him so much… I have no shame for how I appear in this world, thank you very much.”

Some relationship experts believe the technique could work like a placebo. That is, the mind could be focused on the goal of seducing, and this psychological aspect is very important to feel more attractive and be ready to connect with someone.

According to sexologists, believing that this can work, and also knowing that you did something you consider sensual, could encourage you to be more flirtatious, strike up conversations, make eye contact, and feel confident about yourself. In the end, this translates into achieving the desired effect. Another positive point that some experts see is making peace with natural body odor without feeling embarrassed.

Ultimately, vabbing is a very personal choice. As long as you guarantee your hygiene and do not harm another person, you can try what makes you feel more sensual and powerful, however, I personally do not recommend this technique.

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