UNAB Launches TECH_MBA Program in Technology

TECH_MBA is a unique postgraduate program in Chile, designed and taught jointly by the Faculty of Economics and Business, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, Art, Design, to develop leadership skills and strategic management favoring the development of projects business. developed. technology related

Organized by the Andrés Bello University (UNAB) Conversation within the framework of the launch of the “Digital Businesses for Professionals” program, Master of Business Administration Mention in Technology (TECH_MBA)In which the challenges of updating executive education in accordance with the rapid technological changes that society is experiencing were addressed.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UNAB, miguel vargaswide than The activity has been an opportunity to publicize the programWhich is designed and taught in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, Art, Design and Communication, in addition to showing its stamp with tangible and real applications in the world of business and technology.

,We have sought to provide opportunities to train students in areas that are cutting edge today, And unfortunately it is not taught in Chile. In other words, it is part of our work, our hallmark, to always be at the forefront, but approach each issue with a multidisciplinary approach,” said Vargas.

Activity, which includes presentations by key figures in the technological innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, such as Diego Gonzalez, CEO and Founder of defontana.com, and Wilson Pace, Lead at Digital Native Company Microsoft, It brought together a significant group of academics and professionals from the world of business and finance interested in acquiring the necessary skills to adapt to the multidisciplinary demands of the industry.

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“Invite faculty, students, and potential stakeholders from the College of Business and Economics, College of Engineering, and Creative Campus for premier interactions on the program, with major players in the tech industry, and to learn more about the Tech MBA, an avant-garde. guard program that we are starting together,” she said. Julio GuzmanDirector of TECH_MBA.

UNAB as Technical Partner

During the meeting, Paes pointed out the present and future technological needs based on his professional experiences of large, medium and small companies, for which, He valued the effort with UNAB, which he described as a partner always open to innovate to meet the needs of the market.

“It is an honor, a pride for us, to work with the University with three important schools, integrating a vision, engineering, business and creativity in design, since we believe that this is the new professional that is needed in the market. With Microsoft we contribute our grain of sand from the industry, we contribute content, with professors and experts who will work hand in hand with the UNAB faculty, who provide academic context”, detailed the Microsoft representative.

In this sense, González also shared his experiences in the world of technology, highlighting the importance of each company in defining how the professionals of the future should be built.

“Happy to participate in this new UNAB event, this mix of professionals that is being created means a lot to us, People who deeply understand technology and who can be counted as leaders within the companies in the market, who have not understood that without technology it is very difficult to compete today.“, explained the CEO and founder of defontana.com.

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UNAB’s TECH_MBA is aimed at professionals who want to lead technological change in businessLed by professors immersed in the ecosystem, which will allow students to develop real technical projects during the interdisciplinary program.

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