UConn Football Signs IMPACT Player Xander


UConn Athletic Communications / August 31, 2022

STORRS, Conn. – The UConn football team signed an impact player on Wednesday.

IMPACT team, that.

Young Xander Espinal-Rodriguez, 6, officially became a member of the UConn football Huskies when he signed a National Letter of Intent in front of the UConn coach. jim blackberry and their new UConn teammates cheering loudly.

“When I think about the kind of recruits we want at UConn, they’re guys that are selfless, put the team first and have toughness, and this guy has toughness,” Coach Mora said. “It’s not always what you see. There are things going on in our lives that no one knows about and Xander has some fights that he fights every day. And this is a tough guy – having him as part of our team is only going to help.” add toughness to our team as well. We also want people of great character and this guy here has the best possible character. We’re lucky to have him.”

Xander, from East Hartford, has been diagnosed with hemophilia, a medical condition in which the blood’s ability to clot is severely reduced, causing the patient to bleed severely from even a minor injury.

Team IMPACT unites children facing serious illness and disabilities with collegiate sports teams, creating a long-term experience that will change the lives of everyone involved.

“I just want to thank you for having Xander,” Melissa, Xander’s mom, told the team. “It’s had a very positive impact on him and our family. He’s had fun.”

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Xavier has been mentored primarily by UConn’s junior linebacker Jordan Morrison and grad student wide receiver Nigel Fitzgerald.

“This has been exciting for us,” Morrison said. “I’m beyond happy to have Xander as a part of the brotherhood now and to see all the fun things ahead.”

“Xander is a competitor,” Fitzgerald said with a smile. “Our air hockey games get really intense and our pool table games get really intense. I’m glad we were able to get Xander here and add him to our team.”

With that introduction, Xander signed his Letter of Intent and Coach Mora did the same to make it official.

“When you think about what we embrace as a team,” explained Coach Mora, “which is trying to add value to the lives of others, using our platform to enrich other people’s lives, today we have an incredible opportunity to bring someone to our brotherhood.” that will add to our lives and hopefully we can add to your life. I’m very excited about that.”

In his new UConn cap and t-shirt, Xander was all smiles.

“It’s so good to be on the UConn football team,” he said. “I love this soccer team the most in the whole world. One, two, three, Brotherhood.”

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