Travel insurance for a vacation in Mexico (2022)

Do I need travel insurance for Mexico?

exist currently no requirements that require US citizens to have health or travel insurance as a condition of entering the country. However, since Mexico is still considered a developing country, many Americans purchase travel insurance before they travel.

There are multiple types of travel insurance, and the best travel insurance for Mexico will vary depending on your personal preferences. Frequent business travelers naturally need different coverage than extreme sports enthusiasts. The following are some of the most common travel insurance coverages offered by travel insurance companies.

Cancel coverage for any reason

When you buy a standard travel insurance policy, you agree to a list of circumstances in which you can use your insurance coverage. Some commonly covered circumstances include the death of a family member, the death of your traveling companion, or an unforeseen natural disaster.

With a cancellation for any reason (CFAR) insurance upgrade, you can claim a refund for any reason and are not limited to the circumstances found in your insurance policy. These policies can benefit anyone who has a reason they think they may need to cancel a trip. For example, you can use your CFAR policy if you have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Mexico City and feel the risk is too high after purchasing your vacation at a resort.

CFAR travel insurance is supplemental and is not available as a stand-alone insurance option. Your CFAR refund will not cover your entire trip. Your travel insurance contract will state how much you will recover and the exclusions of any providers.

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TIP: You have a limited number of days (10 to 21 days, depending on the policy) after purchasing a nonrefundable trip to add CFAR coverage.

Equipment Theft Protection

If you’re bringing expensive gear, like sports gear, a professional-grade camera, a laptop, or specialized medical equipment, you may want travel insurance to protect it. Your travel insurance will cover loss up to a predetermined amount if your electronic devices are lost, stolen or damaged by an airline or tour operator.

TIP: homeowners insurance Y renters insurance policies they often cover identity theft and personal property that is lost or stolen outside of your home, even if you are not in your home country when it happens. So check your existing policies to see if you’re already covered.

Emergency Medical Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

Illnesses and injuries are among the most unpleasant occurrences during international travel. Your employer-provided health plan may have limited or no coverage in Mexico, and Medicare does not cover medical care outside the United States, except in rare cases.

Travel medical insurance pays for emergency medical expenses while traveling. These expenses include the following:

  • ambulance service
  • Chipped tooth or other dental emergencies
  • hospital fees
  • operating room charges
  • Treatments and prescriptions
  • X-rays, laboratory tests and anesthesia.

Many travel insurance plans also include emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. If you have an emergency and cannot get local medical care, emergency medical insurance will generally cover the cost of an evacuation to an appropriate facility or back to the United States.

Most travel medical insurance plans do not cover medical tourism. Check with your provider to find a plan that covers pre-existing conditions.

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TIP: Many Mexican medical facilities only accept cashso make sure you get a written expense report or bill before you leave the facility.

Rental Car Protection

Most non-commercial auto insurance policies do not cover accidents or collisions that occur while driving abroad. Some comprehensive travel insurance plans have an additional option for rental car collision coverage if you damage the vehicle in an accident.

This benefit does not cover personal property inside the car. It also does not cover damage to another vehicle or medical care if you are injured in an accident involving the rental car. Your emergency medical coverage should cover this.

TIP: Their credit card company it may already include coverage for damaged rental cars.

trip cancellation insurance

trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you for non-refundable, prepaid travel expenses if you cancel your trip prior to departure for an unforeseen covered reason. Unforeseen circumstances potentially covered by trip cancellation insurance may include emergency surgery, the death of a family member or fellow traveler, and weather conditions that make leaving home or your destination dangerous.

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