Tranmere Rovers fan to be first woman ejected from football matches

Tranmere Rovers fan Abbie-Leigh Reay will become the first woman to be banned from all football stadiums.

The 23-year-old was arrested after throwing a flare onto the pitch during Tranmere Rovers’ 4-0 loss to Forest Green Rovers at Prenton Park in January.

CCTV footage captured the moment the object was thrown onto the pitch near referee Lee Swabey and Forest Green goalkeeper Luke McGee, with Reay apparently raising his hands in celebration.

She was found guilty of launching a missile into a football playing area under the Football (Offences) Act 1991, despite denying the charge.

Reay, who was representing herself, told the court she launched the flare in a “panic” to protect her asthmatic partner and brother.

“We had moved a couple of seats in front of these guys but they swung down and that’s when the flare came up and was smoking at my feet,” he said.

”Joel [brother] I was on one side and my partner was on the other side and the first thing I thought was to take it out. I threw it directly onto the football field.

“Then I turned around and told the guys to fuck off. I’ve been going to Tranmere all my life and I hate this kind of thing.”

Reay’s partner, Libby, who was also in the audience, said: “The boys told us they had flares in their pockets. After halftime, the flare ended up at my feet.

“I’m asthmatic, I didn’t want to inhale the smoke so I panicked. Abbie panicked and just picked it up and threw it away and the police showed up. The guys behind said it wasn’t his flare.”

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District Judge James Hatton, who was presiding over the case, decided to reject Reay’s explanation.

Tranmere Rovers

“You just picked it up and threw it at the referee and the goalie,” he said.

“Then you put your arms out in what was clearly an act of celebration. There is no other explanation for it. It is extremely clear and I reject your account in its entirety.”

Reay is due to be sentenced later this month and faces a ban on visiting any sports ground in the UK.

Tranmere Rovers have also said that any fans who throw objects onto the pitch will receive an automatic ban from the stadium, regardless of police action.

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