Toyota has the perfect alternative to the EV and could revolutionize the market

The electric car is increasingly present in urban centers. But in addition to electric vehicles, the large vehicle manufacturers are looking for alternatives to the problems generated by traditional fuel and little by little more recharging points are being seen for this type of passenger car, which began its adventures in the world as something futuristic that ‘was going to the last two days’. However, although they generate fewer emissions for the ozone layer, they cause other problems such as a shortage of lithium or massive exploitation to get the maximum number of batteries possible. There are not a few who insist that this transition to the electric vehicle is useless, since it does no favors for the improvement of the environment or the planet. Volvo, for example, dismissed this as a fad, says Xavi Mogrovejo.

What does this revolution proposed by Toyota consist of?

Toyota, on the other hand, seems to have a solution for this: hydrogen combustion engine.

Toyota already has hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but there are too many problems in manufacturing for them to spread across the world. In order for interest in this type of product to grow, the production costs of this liquid must be lowered, as well as facilitating access to industries so that the manufacturing fabric grows like foam and massive construction processes of these begin to be carried out. . prototypes As an alternative, Toyota offers the hydrogen internal combustion engine.

Company president Akio Toyoda has long argued that the problem with combustion engines is not the combustion itself, but the carbon byproduct of burning fossil fuels. That’s why hydrogen, which emits an almost negligible amount of carbon, is the perfect solution in Toyota’s eyes. After seeing the Yaris GR, which has these characteristics, several manufacturers in the sector want to join this change. Toyota with this could hit the table hard and shake a company like Yamaha or Rolls-Royce. It remains to be seen, of course, how this fits into the current market and if these types of vehicles are accepted, since although there are electric or hybrid cars, traditional fuel cars are still the most sought after.

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