Top 5 Netflix Shows to Fill Your Weekend Watch

If you’re looking for streaming recommendations for the weekend, here are some movies and shows from Netflix’s ‘Top 10’ list in Bangladesh today.

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1. Crime in Delhi

After a successful first season, Delhi Crime, starring Shefali Shah, returns with another spectacular help. The show is much more than a group of police officers investigating crimes.

It portrays conflict subtly and is a roller coaster of emotions. The characters’ struggle between their personal and professional lives: their fury and restraint, and their judgment and deeds. It examines the subtleties of human behavior as well as dramatic crimes based on actual incidents, and is a very good portrayal of the heroes we should look up to as it features a strong crime-fighting female lead.

2. Destiny: The Winx Saga

The long-running Italian animation about a group of fairy best friends, Winx Club, is one of the few female-focused shows that successfully transitioned into live action through a darker, edgier series. It’s a joy to watch the characters cast a spell, with aesthetically brilliant animation and a family-friendly vibe. The popular show features a remarkably deep narrative that delves into the consequences of conflict across generations. Old fans may find the spin-off quite surprising as the plot shifts from bright colors to a darker hue. While it does its best to stay realistic, there are some lovely elements like potions, herbology, use of magic, and ancient relics.

3. The crown

Based on an award-winning play “The Audience,” this lavish Netflix original drama follows Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the present day. The series begins with an intimate look at the beginning of the queen’s reign, when she ascended the throne at the age of 25 following the death of her father, King George VI. The personal intrigues, love affairs, and political rivalries that influenced the closing years of the 20th century are explored as the decades roll by. The show garnered a lot of attention after the queen’s death and is a wonderful portrayal of the monarchy and its many nuances. It has been critically acclaimed for its relevance to history and its excellent attention to detail, all of which make it a worthwhile watch.

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4. Those who want me dead

Hannah Faber, a reckless smoke jumper with a death wish, is stationed at a fire lookout tower in the Montana Wilderness Center. There she meets Connor, the son of a forensic accountant, and attracts the attention of a pair of highly skilled assassins who are intent on permanently silencing the witness. Tasked with saving an innocent life under the alarming emergency of a wildfire, Hannah must employ her own survival skills. At the heart of this story is Angelina Jolie, whose charismatic transformation captures the attention of audiences and critics alike. While it may not be the best thriller Netflix has to offer, it does serve the purpose of a quick weekend viewing.

5. HIT: The first case

The plot of this South Indian remake is pretty straightforward. It revolves around the life of a detective, played by Rajkummar Rao, who tries to solve the case of the kidnapping of two girls, one of whom turns out to be his girlfriend. He is also seen struggling with the trauma of his own history at the same time. What makes this film unique is the simplicity found within the storytelling. It’s nothing spectacular, but the way it was directed and presented is commendable. It strikes the perfect balance between mystery, entertainment, and action, giving you more reason to add it to your weekend watch list.

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