Top 10 Halloween Movies on Netflix 2022

Jason Voorhees, Chucky and Freddy Krueger. These are just a few of the horror icons that have terrified audiences around the world on the big screen. And with Halloween looming just around the corner, their creepy faces have resurfaced, with horror fans everywhere reveling in the legendary movies in which they committed grisly and gruesome murders.

Looking to add some terror to this spooky month from the comfort of your couch? Here are the best Halloween movies on Netflix that will have you leaving the lights on when you go to bed.


This psychological thriller follows Chloe Sherman (Kiera Allen), a disabled homeschooled teenager who lives alone with her obsessive and overprotective mother Diane (Sarah Paulson). Chloe is waiting for her college acceptance letters, but her mom always picks up her mail and tells her that no letter has arrived. She begins to suspect that her mother is hiding a dark secret about her upbringing. Both actors fill their roles amazingly and the film received positive reviews. Run will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Shut is a unique modern slasher about a deaf and dumb woman who lives alone in the woods with her cat. Because the main character is mute, the film contains less than 15 minutes of dialogue. Despite this, the tension throughout the film is incredibly high, perhaps even higher than if there were dialogue. Truly terrifying, the film received rave reviews. We’d love to tell you more, but we don’t want to spoil it!

paranormal activity 3

good old man Paranormal activity. We are all familiar with this film franchise. Y paranormal activity 3 is possibly the best of all. Young Kristi and Katie are living with her mother Julie and her boyfriend Dennis, when he begins to realize that ever since Kristi’s imaginary friend Tobi showed up, strange things have been happening in the house. With the story told primarily through VHS tapes, PA3 is a horror classic that every horror fan has seen.

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Ellison Oswald (Ethan Hawke) is frustrated that he hasn’t written a best-seller in over a decade. Desperate for another big hit, upon discovering a film showing the gruesome death of a family, he moves his family to the victim’s house, determined to find out more, not realizing the danger he is putting his family in. The film has become a cult classic and received praise for its music, atmosphere, acting, directing, and cinematography.


Another great terror strike, Insidious will have you hiding behind your hands. This supernatural horror follows the Lambert family, whose son falls into a coma under suspicious circumstances. It seems that his new home is haunted by a powerful malicious entity. If you love this movie (and if it doesn’t scare you too much), you’ll be happy to know that there are two other movies in the franchise to watch once you’ve gotten over the nightmares of this one.

doctor sleep

Stephen King is a legendary writer of horror, thriller, and supernatural fiction who wrote iconic books, including carrie, the glow, pet cemeteryY It’s. Y doctor sleep is a film based on King’s book of the same name. A continuation of the classic. the glow, doctor sleep follows Danny (Ewan McGregor), traumatized by his childhood. He meets Abra, who shares his gift of “glitter”, and they work together to fight the True Knot, a cult of people who feed on glitter to gain immortality.


Movie fans have been raving midsummer since its launch in 2019. A couple (Florence Hugh and Jack Reynor) head to Sweden for a once-in-a-lifetime summer festival that only happens once every 90 years. The perfect retreat quickly turns violent. But we will not reveal more. You’ll have to watch it to find out!

Scary Movie

Want to get into the Halloween spirit but too scared to watch an entire horror movie? We feel you; you’re not alone Scary Movie is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix for those who don’t want nightmares. It’s about spoofing horror movies and poking fun at some of the typical horror clichés, like falling off when running away, no phone signal, and people making really dumb decisions.

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Black woman

Black woman follows attorney Arthur (Daniel Radcliffe) as he is sent on a journey to settle the affairs of Alice Drablow, a woman who recently died. It seems that the local villagers are hiding a secret and Arthur discovers that the house is haunted. Once again, we are not revealing anything else. That would spoil the fun. Based on early 20th century folklore and a novel, Black woman it’s excellent for creating creepy tension.

scream 4

“What is your favorite scary movie?” That line had such a cultural impact, it’s crazy. And the Scream franchise is where it all began. And there’s that iconic Ghostface mask you see every year at Halloween. The film is set in the week of the 15th anniversary of the original Woodsboro murders and follows high school students who are brutally murdered. another classic, scream 4 is one of the best Halloween movie options.

The adrenaline rush of watching a creepy movie is second to none. You know it’s just a movie, but your hair stands on end and you find yourself looking around to make sure the movie hasn’t suddenly become real life. There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit. Actually, there could be…

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