Tom Cruise Raced This 1984 Nissan 300ZX Race Car Barn Find, Now You Can

This SCCA-ready 1984 Nissan 300ZX race car is an eye-catcher. Every aspect of this racing classic is compelling; the colors, the Planters livery and all the preparation for the race will appeal to anyone who likes stupid old cars that you can’t really drive (me). That being said, the already cool Nissan Racer was a barn-style salvage that used to be Tom Cruise’s personal race car.

Tom Cruise's racing car
Tom Cruise’s racing car | bring a trailer

Did Tom Cruise really run?

The car was found wrecked in good condition, sitting in a junkyard, according to its Bring-a-Trailer listing. The Nissan was originally owned and built for the track by Newman/Sharp Racing in the 1980s. It also got the team’s signature red/white/blue paint scheme.

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