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Here is today’s Jeopardy Finale (in category UNESCO World Heritage Sites) for Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (Season 38, Game 189):

Known as the Lawrence of Arabia woman, Gertrude Bell called this place “a fairytale city, all pink and wonderful.”

(correct answer below the contestants)

Today’s danger! contestants:

tom philiposewriting teacher from Forest Hills, New York
Tom Philipose in Peril!
maya sudarsanCustomer Success Manager from Boston, Massachusetts
Maya Sudarsana in Danger!
ryan longa rideshare driver from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (all 14 days: $260,100)
Ryan Long in Danger!

Pre-game thoughts from Andy:

Today’s game originally aired on June 2, 2022.

Ryan Long’s career continues as Encore performances of “Best of Season 38” of Jeopardy! After the show originally aired, I thought Tom had a good chance of getting an invite to the Second Chance Tournament, and I was right: Tom is coming back in October for the SCT.

As is always the case during the summer, the show takes the New York Times clue of the day from a different clue in the game. Today’s was the Jeopardy! Double Daily Round, in the category The Pacific Ocean. The clue was: Like a “super” that hit the region in 2018, a hurricane in the western Pacific is named after the Chinese for “big wind.” and the correct answer was What is typhoon?

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Correct answer: What is petra?

You can find play-by-play stats here on The Jeopardy! Fan of the 14 players, including Matt Amodio, Jonathan Fisher, Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach and Ryan Long, who won 10 or more games in Danger!?

More information about Final Jeopardy:

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The city of Petra, now located in Jordan, was one of the most prominent cities in the Middle East in ancient times. Although it was abandoned by the Middle Ages, its site was rediscovered by archaeologists in the 19th century and it is one of the main tourist attractions in the Middle East today. Alex Trebek also visited Petra for a track category that aired during the 2011 Tournament of Champions.

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That said: I have a big problem with this track; this clue is grammatically ambiguous. This is how I propose this track should have been written:

Gertrude Bell, known as the Lawrence of Arabia woman, called this place “A fairy tale town, all pink and wonderful.”

The fact that “known as the female Lawrence of Arabia” comes first makes this clue ambiguous as to whether or not Gertrude or Petra have the nickname, and has the potential to throw off a contestant, especially under pressure from the study.

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Game summary:

Danger! Round:

(Categories: Thank you for your service; The Pacific Ocean; Nuggets of information; Let’s play a game; What breed of movie dog?; Come on “Posada”)

Tom went off like a rocket and collected the first six clues! Ryan then landed six of the next nine to nearly catch his challenger. Both Ryan and Tom played hard after the break, with the game very close and both Ryan and Tom reaching almost $9,000 after the Jeopardy! round.

Statistics at first break (15 courts):

Tom 8 correct 0 incorrect
Ryan 6 correct 0 incorrect
Mayan 0 correct 1 incorrect

Stats after the Jeopardy round:

Tom 13 correct 0 incorrect
Ryan 14 correct 0 incorrect
Maya 2 correct 1 incorrect

Double risk! Round:

(Categories: Theater; Ye Old Category “E”; United States; A Brief Goodbye; 6 Drugs; Rock & Roll)

Maya got off to a good start in Double Jeopardy!, but her attempt to get back into the game was derailed when she missed the second Daily Double. Ryan then won $3,000 in the final Daily Double as he tried to stay ahead of Tom. Ryan had a small $4,000 lead going into the Final. The scores entering the finals were Ryan at $22,800, Tom at $18,800, and Maya at $2,000.

Stats after Double Jeopardy:

Ryan 28 correct 1 incorrect
Tom 20 correct 0 incorrect
Maya 8 correct 2 incorrect
Total number of tracks not played this season: 78 (0 today).

Today’s final was another Triple Stumper, but it looks like Ryan’s tactics and earlier strategy are paying off as Tom went all-in and went home in second place. Ryan is now a 15 day champion!

Stats for tonight’s game:

Looking to find out who won Jeopardy! This day? Here is the Jeopardy for Tuesday, September 6, 2022! By the numbers:

Scores before the Final:

Ryan $22,800
Tom $18,800
Mayan $2,000

Tonight’s results:

Maya $2,000 – $2,000 = $0 (What is Jaipur?)
Tom $18,800 – $18,800 = $0 (What is Jaipur?)
Ryan $22,800 – $3,500 = $19,300 (What is Baghdad?) (total of 15 days: $279,400)

Ryan Long, today's danger!  winner (for the game on September 6, 2022).

Scores after Jeopardy! Round:

Thomas $8,800


Opening break taken after: 15 tracks

Double Daily Locations:

1) THE PACIFIC OCEAN $800 (track #19)
Tom 5800 +1000 (Ryan 4600 Maya -400)
2) 6 DRUGS $1600 (hint #6)
Maya 3000-3000 (Ryan 9800 Tom 8800)
3) YE OLD “E” CATEGORY $2000 (track #11, $23200 left on board)
Ryan 10200 +3000 (Maya 400 Tom 8800)
Double overall daily efficiency for this game: -53

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Unplayed tracks:

J! Round: None!
DJ! Round: None!
Total Remaining On Board: $0
Number of tracks left unrevealed this season: 78 (average 0.41 per episode), 0 daily doubles

Game statistics:

Ryan $21,800 Coryat, 28 correct, 1 incorrect, 47.37% at first at the buzzer (27/57), 1/1 rebound attempts (on 1 rebound opportunity)
Tom $18,600 Coryat, 20 correct, 0 incorrect, 33.33% first at the buzzer (19/57), 0/0 rebound attempts (on 2 rebound opportunities)
Maya $5,000 Coryat, 8 correct, 2 incorrect, 15.79% in first place at buzzer (9/57), 0/0 rebound attempts (on 1 rebound chance)
Coryat Combined Score: $45,400
Lach Trash: $4,400 (in 3 triple stumps)
Coryat lost by wrong answers (minus double correct answers): $4,200

Ryan Long, career stats:

364 correct, 56 incorrect
11/18 rebound attempts (in 46 rebound opportunities)
43.23% first on horn (367/849)
13/20 in daily doubles (net win: $22,000)
7/15 in Final Danger
Average Coryat: $17,280

Maya Sudarsana, career stats:

8 correct, 3 incorrect
0/0 rebound attempts (in 1 rebound opportunity)
15.79% first over horn (9/57)
0/1 on daily doubles (net win: -$3000)
0/1 in final danger
Average Coryat: $5,000

Tom Philipose, career stats:

20 correct, 1 incorrect
0/0 rebound attempts (in 2 rebound opportunities)
33.33% on first over horn (19/57)
1/1 on daily doubles (net win: $1,000)
0/1 in final danger
Average Coryat: $18,600

Ryan Long to win:

16 games: 61.237%
17: 37,500%
18: 22.964%
19: 14.062%
20: 8.611%
Average streak: 16,580 games.

Today’s interviews:

Tom joined a bone marrow registry along with his brother.
Maya has lived in five different countries.
Ryan hopes to take his son on a trip to California.

Andy’s thoughts:

Ultimate Danger! betting tips:

(Scores: Ryan $22,800 Tom $18,800 Maya $2,000)

Ryan: The standard hedge bet on Tom is $14,801. (Actual bet: $3,500)

Maya: Unless someone overbets, you have no chance of winning. However, your chances of finishing higher are higher if you bet a small amount. (Actual bet: $2,000)

Tom: If Ryan covers and is wrong, it goes down to $7,999. Your betting range must be between $8,001 (in case Ryan is short) and $10,799 (to win the Double Stumper if Ryan bets to cover). It’s been since last Monday that Ryan hasn’t bet to cover, so I don’t think you’ll see any point in going all-in here. (Actual bet: $18,800)

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