Toronto-based Nigerian artist TOBi releases his new single and visualizer “Flowers” via Same Plate Entertainment/RCA Records – click here to hear/see. The guitar-driven track allows TOBi’s undeniable beats and effortless flow to lead the way for this genre-blending song. This release is the first single from TOBi’s upcoming album coming soon. Recently, TOBi released its elevated performance COLORS of “Flores” and its song “Move on” appeared in Netflixbuzz new movie release get revenge starring camila mendes (Riverdale) Y maya falcon (Strange things).

Listen to “Flowers” ​​HERE

TOBi on “Flowers” ​​and their upcoming album: “This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done. The definition of unapologetic soul music. I wanted to tell a story of what it meant to be a man, to grow up and learn and deal with my vices. Protecting my peace, as I navigate life’s challenges. This song is a turning point in my mental journey. Addressing fears, seeking therapy, paying tribute to those who are alive…it’s a lot to break down into verses, but at the end of the day it feels so good to be alive and creating and I’m grateful for every moment of it.”

Recently, TOBi launched its Produced by Alex Goose simple and video “Before we panic” presenting mikky ekko(written for Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Drake), which was the prelude to their next album. The artistic visual was filmed and directed by Dom McLennon (Brockhampton) Y Jeremy Grier.

Stay tuned for more TOBi music coming soon.

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About TOBi:

Toronto-based, Nigerian-born recording artist TOBi is the winner of the JUNO Award 2021 for “Best Rap Recording of the Year” for his latest project Elements, vol. 1. Items blending hip-hop, R&B, soul, grime and afrobeats and featuring some of TOBi’s favorite producers and musicians from around the world, embodying the sounds and music that have influenced their art. Before this album, TOBi released their debut YET in May 2019, exploring themes of vulnerability, post-traumatic growth, self-reflection, and masculinity in his time of emigration from Nigeria to Canada.

voted for Complex magazine like “a top artist to watch” TOBi has received critical praise from Interview Magazine, Pitchfork, Vogue, Teen Vogue, L’Officiel, Paper, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Clash, OkayAfrica, Flaunt, Exclaim!, Refinery29, Essential Homme, COLORSand many more.

In 2020, TOBi signed with Same Plate Entertainment/RCA Records and in 2021 their single “Whoa” featuring fellow Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier was released to critical acclaim. “Whoa” follows a string of tracks released over the summer, including “Off The Drugs” with Mick Jenkins, “Come As You Are” with Baby Rose, and “Don’t Touch!”, which was praised by Complex for its “smooth production… raising [TOBi’s] empowered reflections on the furry side of the black experience to new heights.” TOBi, who was nominated for the JUNO Awards 2022has continually released music including his Continuous? package, Too Hot (Maxi Single) package and single “That’s Fine” last year. Most recently, TOBi released the single and video for “Before We Panic”, a prelude that set the tone for his new music. Now ready to share that music with his fans, TOBi shares “Flowers,” the first single from his forthcoming album due out soon.


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