This is how Haaland massively destroyed records at 22

Erling Haaland has been called into question by the FC Copenhagen goalkeeper who, during a recent match, asked if Manchester City’s goal scorer is human or not. It all started with his fast start at Manchester City and he scored two goals as his team fell apart. FC Copenhagen.

This has increased his career-high to 19 goals in 12 games since joining City from Borussia Dortmund this year. Manager Pep Guardiola gave Haaland a break during half-time and sent Grealish to support the young powerhouse.

Jack Grealish stated: ‘It’s amazing; Honestly, I had never witnessed anything like this in my life. For the first and second goals I was just laughing. He is always there.

Grealish later claimed that the bouncer told him that Haaland is not ‘human’. He then stated that he hopes Haaland can carry the Manchester City name to glory.

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Coach Pep Guardiola states, regarding Haaland’s substitution during the break, ‘he played a lot of minutes, the game was under control. If the game was tight, Erling would continue, but it was better to rest for Southampton on Saturday.

Haaland’s goal load at 22

Erling Haaland is making his name a household name. If he continues in this race, in a few years, he will definitely join the ranks of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in popularity. Furthermore, it seems that he has scored a total of 173 goals at the age of 22, while Lionel Messi scored 45 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50 goals at the same age.

The comments were not entirely supportive of the young Norwegian on Facebook, with Facebook users stating that they feel Messi and Ronaldo remain unbeatable. More claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo was a winger and Messi was a midfielder and Haaland is a forward, so the comparison is not fair.

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There are some users who understand the fact that Haaland is from a different generation and of course it will outshine them. In their younger days, both Messi and Ronaldo had their fair share of the spotlight.

Haaland’s performance increased dramatically when he joined the Premier League. It seems that the entire Manchester City squad was waiting for someone like Haaland to get going in defense of their Premier League title and in their new bid for the European title.

Nine goals away from last year’s Golden Boot

According to ESPN’s Twitter account, Erling Haaland is making fun of Premier League matches. Why you may ask? He is 9 goals away from last season’s golden boot with 30 Premier League games remaining.

Hattrick comparisons, in the Bundesliga Haaland took two and a half years to score three hat-tricks. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, it only took him 8 games in a season to score three hat-tricks. Detractors claimed that he can score wonderfully because he is in one of the strongest teams in the Premier League.

Jealousy is poison, it seems that many are showing their jealousy towards the 22-year-old Norwegian. Those who support him claim that nothing can stop him except if he gets injured, which would obviously affect his performance.

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