The Weirdest Tourist Traps in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota

I don’t know if everyone will agree with the writers on exciting trips, about which tourist attractions are the strangest in the tri-state area.

I mean there are so many weird things to see when you travel. From giant pheasants and fish to giant balls of twine, cookware and even more quirky finds, there’s no shortage of wacko and kitsch from coast to coast.

According to the traveling writers of Thrillist, South Dakota’s weirdest roadside attraction is. . .Wall of Drugs.

Its sheer size was enough for them to name it that, but wait, they had more, (mostly positive) things to say.

It’s a city-sized model of western kitsch.- -Thrillist

They pointed out that even if you wanted to miss it, you couldn’t because you’d probably need gas anyway and its extravagant size would draw you in.

A real pharmacy, where you can fill a prescription and also see a giant animatronic dinosaur or cowboy gang, peruse Native American art, eat an open-faced turkey sandwich, play in a shooting gallery, or grab a photo with a jackalope. – -Exciting

Having said all this, they loved it.

wall dope

Street view from Google and Canva

They went with the Voyage Home Riverside History Center in Riverside, Iowa.

It is best known as the future birthplace of Captain James Tiberius Kirk!

While the captain of the Starship Enterprise was first claimed in 1985, the museum didn’t open until 2008- -Thrillist

The trekkies have made this place a must stop for Star Trek collectibles of all kinds and of course the Star Trek Festival every summer.

The date of birth of the world famous captain (March 22, 2228listen)) is engraved on a monument behind the barber shop in the museum building. And of course this kind of Star Trek-style sculpture is on the front.

Voyage Home Riverside History Center

Google and Canva street view

Honestly, they have the largest Green Giant or Paul Bunyan statue in the world, a giant ball of yarn, so it was a bit of a surprise that they chose the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

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But as a lifelong lover of spam, for me, it’s a win for the little can of mystery meat!

Within its walls, you will discover the history of SPAM, including its huge cultural cache in island diasporas. You will be tempted to buy an ironic t-shirt or register as a SPAMbassador. –Exciting

Spam Museum, Austin Minnesota

Google Street View and Canva

Source: Thrillist Travel

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Do you know what’s inside the 60 foot tall giant bull’s head on I-90?

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