The Umbrella Academy star opens up about working with his wife

the umbrella academy Star Tom Hopper has opened up about working with his wife on his new Netflix romantic comedy.

love in the villagewhich hit the streamer this week, stars Tom alongside his real-life other half, Laura Hopper.

The film centers on Cassie (Laura), Charlie’s (Tom) status-obsessed fiancée. Julia (Kat Graham) accidentally twice books a vacation at the couple’s villa, and a connection soon begins to form between them.

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Even though she was made to play the villain, it turns out that it was Tom’s wife who persuaded him to take the project.

“She tends to read a lot of the scripts that are sent to me,” Tom said. entertainment weekly. “He said to me, ‘I just read a really cool script called love in the village. It’s a really sweet romantic comedy and you should read it. I read it and accepted; I thought it was really brilliant.”

“Laura, who is also an actress, said, ‘Oh, I also love one of these roles: the role of Cassie,'” she continued.

kat graham, tom hopper, love in the village

Kat Graham and Tom Hopper in Love in the Villa

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Tom went on to share how much he loves working with his wife.

However, he admitted that it was strange for him to have to break up with his character considering that, off-screen, they are actually very happily married.

“I love working with my wife,” adds Hopper. “She’s very funny. She’s a very good comedic actress. What was very strange is that I broke up with her in the movie.”

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“As we were doing it, I thought, ‘This is really weird in this scene.’ She’s so different from real life, but she loves those characters, the comedic roles. It was a huge blessing for us because we’ve never done that before. We’ve acted on the same things, but we never really acted in the opposite way. To each other.”

love in the village is available on Netflix now. the umbrella academy Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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