The Supernatural K-Drama You Must Watch

After seeing squid game Y Parasite, many viewers have been intrigued by K-dramas. The Korean Wave is starting to hit as adults and kids listen to BTS, explore a variety of Korean foods now available at Trader Joe’s, and audiences are ready to delve into the cultural phenomenon taking over the West. Without a doubt, Netflix recommendations are full of all kinds of K-drama, but which one should you choose? That’s easy to answer: the strange accountant.

the strange accountant has action, romance, tragedy, excellent humor and, like squid game, the Counters have tracksuits! Not that weird blue-green color, but sporty red, the one they train in and occasionally hunt demons in. Oh yes, they hunt demons in modern Korea and send them back to hell once they are judged in Yung, the place between the afterlife and life.


Who are the accountants?

Each counter is paired (or possessed) with a spirit of Yung, allowing humans to have superhuman powers to fight the evil spirits of the land. the strange accountant follows the story of a young high school student who has been left disabled by an accident that killed his parents seven years ago. So Mun (Jo Byeong-kyu) is making a webcomic with his high school friends and is going to grab a bite to eat when he is blown up. This begins his adventure to become an accountant.

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Wi-gen, a spirit of Yung, has been expelled from the body she sometimes inhabits, as her host body has been killed by a level 3 evil spirit. In her desperate attempt not to perish, she is somehow thrown into the body. by So Mun. Unusual, as counters are usually coma victims who are given a chance to wake up whenever they become counters. Maybe it’s because So Mun was so close to death?

There are other Counters in So Mun’s team. teamwork in Y of Eonni’s noodles. Choo Mae-ok (Yeom Hye-ran) is Eonni’s chef and the team’s healer, and she is paired with Su-ho’s spirit Yung. Choo Mae-ok was in a coma and mourning the death of her son… Su-ho. Do Ha-na (Kim Se-jeong) is the only survivor of her family’s poisoning. She works as a servant and is paired with the Yung spirit named Woo-Sik, who gives her great strength and can sense evil spirits, giving the team early warning of impending danger.

Last but not least is Ga Mo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang), a kitchen helper with superhuman strength. He is paired with Gi-Ran and is recovering from a near-fatal fall from the top of a building. Unfortunately, he also has amnesia.

connecting the threads

This unlikely group of do-gooders must convince So Mun to join them. If he doesn’t, his Yung counterpart, Wi-gen, will cease to exist. In an attempt to help convince Mun to join them, Choo Mae-ok heals his deformed leg and he can now walk and run without a cane. Wi-gen adds to that bargaining chip by promising Mun that he can see his parents one last time before they ascend to heaven, but there’s a catch.

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In a wild game of body swapping by level 3 evil spirit, a very intricate web of fate is woven before the audience.

Will there be season 2 of The Uncanny Counter?

For viewers who have been waiting patiently the strange accountant season 2, there’s a perfectly good reason it’s taking so long. After the star amazing accountant got his big break on the show, he was falsely accused of school violence and bullying. However, Jo Byeong-kyu is finally putting these accusations behind him and can now focus on his career. In June of this year, Naver Entertainment reported confirmation that the show would be returning for Season 2 with the original cast.

In addition, the production is currently looking for an actor or an actress to play the main villain or demon of season 2 around which to build its story. OCN Network and the producers are looking for relatively unknown actors. Like season 1, which featured Choi Kwang-il and Lee Hong-nae as the two devious demons, they hope to help catapult a relatively unknown actor to stardom. Both Choi and Lee received rave reviews and had tremendous responses to their portrayals of evil incarnate.

Naver Entertainment also reported that the season 2 filming date would be postponed to the fall due to previous commitments of some of the actors. Through various interviews, both Byeong-kyu and Se-jeong said, “I will definitely participate in Season 2.”

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