The six commercial airports serving the Italian region of Sicily

Having recently explored the air connectivity of the Italian island of Sardinia, today the focus is on the region of Sicily. Located at the southern tip of mainland Italy, the region consists of a main island that shares its name with the region, as well as smaller surrounding land masses. Six airports serve the region.

two main axes

As for international travel, My Guide Sicily reports that four of the six airports have connections to destinations abroad. Of these, the two largest and busiest facilities are Palermo (PMO) in the northwest of the main island and Catania (CTA) on the east coast. The latter of these is the busier of the two facilities.


In fact, Assaeroporti data shows that more than 6.1 million passengers used Catania airport in 2021, an increase of 67.6% compared to 2020. Furthermore, Eurostat data shows that, with more than 1 million passengers last year, Catania-Rome was the second busiest airline in Europe. route. As well as a host of European destinations, Catania also has direct links to places as far away as Dubai and Tel Aviv.

Palermo-Rome saw almost 750,000 passengers last year, ranking 10th among the busiest routes in Europe. More than 4.5 million people used Palermo Airport in 2021, with many of the routes being seasonal due to Sicily’s value as a summer tourist destination. However, several international destinations, such as Frankfurt, Malta and Munich, have flights throughout the year from the flag carriers of their country.

Catania is normally among the top five busiest airports in Italy. Photo: Getty Images

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low cost basics

Sicily’s other two international airports tend to have a more low-cost focus, with Ryanair, in particular, being a dominant presence. The largest of these is Trapani-Birgi Airport (TPS), which is located at the western end of the main island.

The facility, which is also used by the Italian Air Force, processed just under 430,000 passengers last year, up 131.9% from 2020. Ryanair serves a variety of European destinations seasonally from Trapani, with Dutch airline Corendon also participating. in the act. with flights from Amsterdam and Maastricht. Several Italian destinations also have year-round connections to Trapani.

Arguably Ryanair’s most dominant Sicilian presence can be found at Comiso Airport (CIY) in the south of the main island. While other Sicilian airports have more Ryanair routes, Comiso is an outlier in that Ryanair operates all but one of the facility’s total routes. With year-round flights to Brussels-Charleroi and various Italian cities, Ryanair joins a single AlbaStar route from Comiso to Cuneo.

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Domestic only airports

Away from the main island of Sicily, the region also has two airports located on smaller surrounding islands. One of these is Lampedusa Airport (LMP), which has year-round links to Catania and Palermo operated, in a curious turn of events, by Danish Air Transport (DAT). Lampedusa also receives seasonal services from several other airlines, which operate flights to and from the Italian mainland.

The situation in Pantelleria (PNL) is similar, although, apart from year-round DAT flights from Palermo, its only other full-time destination is Trapani. That said, DAT links it with Catania and Lampedusa on a seasonal basis. Air Horizont, ITA Airways and Volotea are the airport’s other national seasonal operators.

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