The scariest movies streaming on Netflix in September 2022

September marks a change of seasons where the leaves begin to change and the weather becomes cooler. However, it is also a month that serves as a precursor to the Halloween season. As a result, moviegoers can look forward to horror movies galore that are sure to deliver tons of scares for fans. But with so many streaming services, like Netflix, offering new and classic horror movies, it might be hard to sift through your scariest options. Fortunately, September offers an equally fun and scary selection for new and old fans.

Green Hell took gore to a new level.

Before the green hell hit theaters, audiences were vaguely aware of the niche subgenre of cannibals in horror. In fact, the first example of cannibalistic Amazonian tribes is told in the fictional horror film. Cannibal holocaust. However, Eli Roth wanted to take things one step further with his film, the green hell. The film followed a group of activists who were captured and tortured by a tribe of cannibalistic villagers and were even fed the remains of one of their own. It’s a violent film that pushed the limits of gore in cinema, but in the end it had an important message about activism that many may miss.

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Twice Malevolent Subverted Supernatural Horror

Ghost movies have always been a mainstay in the horror genre. In recent years, movies like The spell Y Insidious have given birth to an influx of supernatural horror. But Malevolent subverted the gender not once but twice. The film followed two brothers during the 1980s who acted as paranormal investigators. However, the reality of it all was that they were frauds preying on families and their real struggles. But when they tried the same trick in a new home, things turned out to be more real than they expected. Malicious it’s a great look at the supernatural subgenre, but it also offers enough surprises to stand out among other similar movies.

There is someone inside your house who has a slasher with a murderous motive

Slasher films in which the killer is in the house have become a staple of some of the best horror movies in cinema. Of When a stranger Calls a Scream, the genre has proven time and time again that some tropes never die. Having said that, There is someone inside your house offered a mix of both films with a killer who has amazing motivation. Taking the face of his latest victim, the film’s killer hunts down his main characters exposing his dark secrets before taking their lives. It’s a strategy that feels classic, but it’s actually a new look at the genre and gives slasher fans a fun movie to sink their teeth into.

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Silence removes more than a sense of security

Home invasion movies are often subtle in their execution, but capitalize on the terror they generate. Anyone who has ever been in a house alone can relate to the fear of being harassed in a safe place, but Mike Flanagan Shut took that fear to a new level. Shut follows a deaf horror author who is working on a new book. However, tensions rise when it is revealed that a masked killer is stalking her. Taking away her ability to hear and speak heightens the tension, as the main character has to use her wits and her other senses to outwit an assassin who sits two steps ahead of her. Shut it’s an inventive movie that horror fans will love for the ingenuity of the premise and main character alone.

Silence brings back the Hitchcock-esque terror

Of A peaceful place a bird box, movies about otherworldly creatures wiping out humanity in one day can feel almost sold out. Nevertheless, The silence has promised something that may be refreshing for many fans. The film is about a family trying to survive in a world where they must remain silent or risk being attacked by predatory bird creatures. While the terror could come in the form of that or humans who have lost touch with reality, it is a The birds-horror style. Now, every step could trigger a chain reaction of terror, and even the people they meet could be enemies in disguise. This tension at all times has helped to make The silence a gem that is often overlooked.

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