The Sandman’s Death Is Perfect For A Netflix Spinoff Movie

In a series of comics about divine beings, the last thing readers expected was for Death to be the kindest and most humane. Kirby Howell-Baptiste brought Death to life on Netflix The Sandman in an appearance too short, but that calls for a spin-off movie.

For a few years now, major Hollywood studios have been battling it out in the streaming space. Netflix remains at the top of the industry, but the current battle in Streaming War is one of the franchises. The Sandman from Neil Gaiman and DC Comics is the service’s most recent hit and could be a goldmine for spin-offs. Fans, amplified by Gaiman, asked for entire shows based on Death and Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman. However, if Netflix orders The Sandman In season 2, death plays a big role in what’s next for Morpheus (Tom Sturridge). That’s why a spin-off movie with Death is a better idea, giving time for Kirby Howell-Baptiste to be in the series proper.

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The original design of Death in The Sandman the comics did not come from Gaiman. He wanted him to look like a rock star, but artist Mike Dringenberg sent him a drawing inspired by a woman he knew named Cinamon Hadley, who died in 2018. The only detail Gaiman added was the ankh necklace. The personality of the character on the page is one of The SandmanThe best magic tricks. Death becomes the character readers always love to watch, even when he’s heartbreaking. And Baptiste captures the essence of the character in all the important ways. Losing her to a spin-off series would make Netflix The Sandman worse for his absence. Still, it doesn’t take him as long to shoot a movie as it does an entire series. Gaiman and Dringenberg already gave you the blueprint.

At the height of the comics’ popularity, Gaiman did a three-issue spin-off featuring the character named Death: the high cost of living. In the long saga of adapting these stories to the movies, this was almost a movie called death and me produced (and likely co-directed) by Guillermo Del Toro, according to While that story is a classic in comics, the main premise is whatever Netflix premise it should take. Once a century, Death spends a day as a human. She lives as a mortal to better understand what they are missing as she meets each person who dies. The comic tells a beautiful story, but it’s very much from her time. An anthology movie or even a series of them depicting those days throughout the centuries is an exciting new story for this new death.

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The Sandman it is an expensive series, relying heavily on both visual effects and expensive period sets. Gaiman took full advantage of the limitless possibilities of the comics medium to tell this story. However, Netflix has to be practical. Setting up a Death spin-off movie today is simply a good budget decision. It could tell the kind of sad and beautiful stories that Death is known for in the modern context. After almost three years in a global pandemic, the loss has touched the lives of more people than not. Expect plenty of stories about the duel for years to come. However, the character of Death is in a unique position to tell independent versions of those stories, but in a way that leaves the audience with a sense of comfort, if not hope.

Netflix has on its hands one of the best characters in the entire DC Comics canon, whose stories have never been more relevant. Kirby Howell-Baptiste is needed for a second season of The Sandmanbut a spin-off movie about his character could be the story we’ve all been waiting for.

The entire first season, including a bonus episode, of The Sandman is currently streaming on Netflix.

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