The Sandman Crushed It In The Ratings: Netflix, Renew This Show

If you like science fiction and fantasy television, you are living in an age of wealth right now. house of the dragon has beaten the odds and started his life at HBO about where his predecessor game of Thrones left: as a cultural phenomenon. Strange things 4 was the only thing to talk about for a while, Amazon has spent a historic amount of money bringing it to life The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerand Netflix did the impossible and adapted Neil Gaiman’s high-concept comic The Sandmanand he did it in a way that pleased die-hard fans and attracted new ones.

All but one of those shows are already guaranteed to return for a new season. But we haven’t heard anything about a second season of The Sandmanwhich bothers me as i’m a huge comic book fan i loved the show, Y saw him catch fire in the audience. The thing held the number one spot for several weeks, and is even now in the top 10 more than a month after its release on August 5. I know the show is expensive to make, but it obviously found an audience; What more do you want, Netflix? Do you want me to draw you a diagram? Because I will.

Maybe this will convince you: Nielsen, an analytics company that has been the most respected player in the game for decades, released its streaming numbers for the week of August 8-14, per Term. The Sandman, which came out on August 5, handily beat out the competition. Take a look at the top 10:

  1. The Sandman (Netflix) – 11 episodes, 1.386 billion streaming minutes
  2. Unexplored (Netflix) – movie, 1,185B min.
  3. Strange things (Netflix) – 34 episodes, 1,123B min.
  4. Day shift (Netflix) – movie, 982M min.
  5. virgin river (Netflix) – 42 episodes, 934M min.
  6. lock and key (Netflix) – 28 episodes, 919M min.
  7. Blue (Disney+) – 112 episodes, 917M min.
  8. NCIS (Netflix) – 354 episodes, 764M min.
  9. cocomelon (Netflix) – 18 episodes, 702M min.
  10. Light-year (Disney+) – movie, 700M min.
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Where do I ask Netflix to renew The Sandman for a second season

Right, we already knew that. The Sandman was popular, but seeing it so high in Nielsen ratings is like getting a real seal of approval, since they take their time and always put out reliable numbers (unlike self-reports from streaming services, which can never be completely sure about).

Also, not that this really matters, but from August 8 to August 14, there were only 10 episodes of The Sandman available; 11 wasn’t released until later, which is even more impressive, right? Imagine how many more minutes there would have been with an additional episode available from the jump.

Basically Netflix, man, please, please. please renew The Sandman. The public is there, the material is excellent and there is a lot left; the first two seasons adapt the first two volumes of the Gaiman comic, with eight remaining to go. Do it for me, right?

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