The Peoples Climate Festival in Middelfart

The Festival of the Climate of the Peoples (Klimafolkemødet) is an annual event held in Middelfart (Denmark), the European Destination of Excellence 2022, which brings together citizens, stakeholders and politicians with the express aim of finding a common solution to climate change.

BRUSSELS, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 1: September 3, 2022 the Festival of the Climate of the Peoples, or Klimafolkemødet will take place in Middelfart (Denmark), 2022 European Destination of Excellence. This annual event brings together citizens, politicians, stakeholders and activists to find a solution to the ongoing global climate challenge. The event seeks to inspire all who participate to take action and put our climate at the top of the agenda.

The Peoples Climate Festival is a non-commercial national event in Denmark which grows annually. Last year’s event attracted a record attendance of 8,000 to 10,000 people who visited Middelfart to attend the festival. The festival is organized by various organizations that come together to contribute to the festival program. The program consists of a variety of unique and selected workshops, activities, seminars, concerts and events within the festival for visitors to learn, enjoy and participate.

This year’s highlight is the “Climate in Space” project by award-winning Danish producer and musician, Bjorn Vido. This project will see the Peoples Climate Festival Transported into Space, 40 kilometers above the earth’s surface with the help of weather balloons and satellites. The result will be to make the People’s Climate Festical in Middelfart the world’s first live climate concert in space.

As a European Destination of Excellence 2022, Middelfart is a pioneer in sustainable tourism that places sustainability at the heart of its policy decision-making. The Peoples Climate Festival is the highlight of a diverse and innovative destination.

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As a pioneer of sustainable tourism, Middelfart places sustainability at the heart of its decision-making process. Offering certified climate-friendly stays, engaging with stakeholders to become more climate-conscious, and placing an emphasis on protecting the Little Belt Nature Park and of Europe largest population of small whales, Middelfart is at the forefront of sustainable tourism in Europe.

To find out more about the European Destination of Excellence 2022, visit the website and download the free Best Practices Report to get an idea of ​​which destinations in Europe are doing to make European tourism sustainable.

In addition, the EU Smart Tourism Podcast episode on sustainable tourism provides an insight into Middelfart’s policies on sustainability and, in particular, on sustainable tourism.

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Secretariat of the European Destination of Excellence:
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Notes to editors:

  1. Since 2007, the European Commission has supported EU Member States and other countries participating in the COSME program to reward emerging and non-traditional sustainable tourism destinations in Europe through the “European Destination of Excellence” award (EDEN). This action aimed to promote management models of sustainable tourist destinations in Europe selecting and promoting EDEN destinations. To date, 175 destinations from 27 different countries have received the award under different annual themes.
  2. In 2021, Middelfart (Denmark) was selected as the European Destination of Excellence 2022 among 50 other European destinations that applied.
  3. In 2019, the “EDEN Evaluation Study” was carried out to assess the continuing relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the EDEN initiative and the various actions implemented within its framework, as well as its consistency with other EU initiatives. Following the results and recommendations of the evaluation study, the European Commission relaunched the initiative, which is renewed taking into account the objectives of the European Green Deal. In addition to EU countries, it also covers non-EU countries that participate in the COSME program. The competition targets smaller tourism destinations that can showcase their outstanding sustainability achievements and inspire other tourism destinations in their green transition.
  4. The Peoples Climate Festival will take place in Middelfart on 1 – September 3, 2022 and encompass a variety of activities, concerts, workshops and seminars.
  5. Last year’s festival drew a record attendance of 8,000 to 10,000 people to Middelfart.
  6. In 2022, the People’s Climate Festival will become the world’s first climate concert in Space through the “Climate in Space” project of Bjorn Vido.
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SOURCE EDEN – European Destinations of Excellence

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