The Latest Dating Show To Hit Netflix Is Called ‘An Awkward Nightmare,’ And He Agrees

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  • If you like dating shows that make you cringe, this is for you.

    Dating in 2022 is – um – something. Whether you’re being zombied by an ex fling or dodging fake feminists on Hinge, chances are, if you’re single, you’ve got some horror stories when it comes to finding love.

    But if dating apps aren’t getting you anywhere, you might be tempted to watch TV in the hope of meeting The One. And of course, there are so many shows out there to suit your specific needs. You can ask Fred Sirieix to play matchmaker and send you out to a fancy dinner on first datespass to island of love villa for two months to find a connection, go completely rigid in front of the nation in naked attractionor even say ‘I do’ to a perfect stranger in married at first sight.

    And while dating shows have pushed the boundaries more and more over the years, Netflix’s latest offering is sure to induce a healthy dose of cringe in most viewers.

    dating and related sees singles looking for love with the help of their siblings. That’s right, a couple of brothers and a couple of cousins ​​are looking for romance together, and it looks awkward.

    Imagine going on a date with your crush, meeting and flirting outrageously, and all the while your brother or sister is sitting next to you watching your every move.

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    Yes, no, thank you.

    The siblings will search for love while helping their own brother or sister meet their perfect person, judging them on their behalf and offering their unsolicited opinion on everything from their partner’s style to their personality.

    Netflix’s description reads: “Imagine having to think about your siblings’ dates: how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are.”

    ‘In this new reality dating series, sibling couples will see each other’s love lives up close and personal as they search for ‘the one’ together.

    ‘Having the person who knows you better than anyone else should help you navigate the complicated world of dating. But will they act as the best companion and help you find love?

    ‘Or mess up your plans and call you for all your nonsense? Either way, it could be awkward. Like. Hell.’

    Just to make things even more awkward, all the singles will also share a room.

    While it sounds like a nightmare, we’re betting this show will get people talking. And shuddering.

    Dating and Related is now ready to watch on Netflix.

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